Imagine getting stuck in a desolate environment with your car. Your engine starts heating up as you’re making your way to your Auto repair in Lantana, TX. Now you’re left with a couple options. And not enough time to manage everything you can think of either.

You can either stop your car and take a look under the hood or keep driving on if it hasn’t heated up too severely. Then there is the third option. Today we will uncover a technique for you to keep driving with a heated engine ensuring you do not have to stop for too long. We will also cover some emergency techniques only your local auto repair in Lantana, TX would understand and convey. After which we will also cover what to do in the case of an extremely overheated engine. These tips and tricks would better assist you in managing your car without it taking too much of a hit.

The difference between “Getting There” and “Getting There Safely”

However we assure you, you do not want to be driving for too long. This would have your car start to feel the impact of the overheated engine. You would undoubtedly need to keep driving in a secluded or desolate area. The ideal thing to do would be to slow down your car and check the engine and radiator of the car thoroughly. That said, it is essential sometimes to take the risk and drive on despite the situation. And we, as your trusted Auto Repair in Lantana TX, believe it is our responsibility to keep you safe despite the situation.

  • There may be some fault with the car if you have only seen it overheat but the car’s readings return to normal. You also may have had an incident that dealt with a one-time overheating. This can actually be because of a plethora of reasons. Usually anything from having low water levels to an overheated engine in a really hot environment. And obviously being a consequence of compounding factors explains a one-time occurrence. But this at any cost does not mean you can over look the engine heat or take your eyes off the gauge. This could result in a more serious situation if you are not careful and keeping an eye on your car’s condition.
  • Most automobiles are designed in a way where they are capable of sensing an overheating occurrence well before the actual damage starts to take its toll on the engine. Allowing you a small window of time where you can check the issue out or call in your local auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Turn off the AC. As your engine would start powering the AC making it heat up more.

Did you know that your air conditioning and you engine are connected? Your vehicle’s air conditioning tends to use your engine’s power to draw in the heat when switched to heating. It would be smart of you to crank up the heater instead of the air conditioner. Courtesy of Fifth Gear Automotive Works.

Crank your heat up to full blast. This would ensure your engine disperses more heat rather than generating it.

While this can seem rather far from what would make sense it is a rather sensible suggestion. Cars heaters are designed in a way to pull the heat from the hottest part of the vehicle. This would mean they tend warm up the inside of the car utilizing the heat from the engine. This would make sure the entire burst of heat coming from the engine is completely vented off into the car. This would then enable your car to vent in. By turning your fan and heating to their highest possible setting you are basically allowing your car to vent its heat and cool off. Although obviously it may be uncomfortable for the moment but it would end up making things a lot better for your engine. This is a very simple technique used by Auto repairs in Lantana, TX and dry hot places like Arizona.

  • You can crack open the video and turn the vents to point out the window. This would keep the cab rather cool as compared to the alternative. This would also be good for you as you would be feeling a diminished effect of the heat. Making you appreciate your engine’s threshold more realistically, even if it is for the time being.
  • Alternately, you can set the heat to the “defroster” setting to avoid it blowing directly on you.

Pull your windows down!!! Well if you have no problems with the heat

I mean if you’re sitting in a car that is turned to max heat it should be sensible for you to crack the windows. As this would allow you to feel less heated along with letting the car vent with as many means as needed. As your auto repair in Lantana, TX we assure you our aim is not to get you to feel uncomfortable or dehydrate you into a raisin. But this would be extremely good for your engine and would enable you to drive for longer without having to make a stop.

You should realistically know that you will likely need to go to your auto repair in Lantana, TX if your car heats up too much.

If your car keeps overheating, has a leak, or cannot start, you need to see a mechanic. Even if these tips help you “deal” with overheating when it occurs, there is likely a larger issue that needs to be fixed before a major meltdown.

If the vehicle still is not cooling down you’re probably in a mess. Here you would need to understand that you might have a leak and should rush to your local auto repair in Lantana, TX. By doing so you trust the auto repair in Lantana, TX, with the issue.This would ensure you don’t take any serious damage from the incident. Always drive safe fellow Texan!