Routine wheel alignment is essential for your car. The vehicle manufacturer establishes the guidelines for proper alignment. Improper alignment can cause excessive wear on the tire, can affect braking and handling, and potentially increase wear and tear on front end suspension components. Wheel alignment is a precise technique of adjusting the camber, caster and toe of the wheel. Requiring specialized equipment and specialized training by the mechanic. Fifth Gear Automotive offers professional wheel alignment with the latest equipment and a wide variety of automotive services, including luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX.

When to Schedule Wheel Alignment

Some manufacturer’s recommend scheduling an inspection for wheel alignment every 6000  miles. Otherwise, always have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked when new tires are installed. In addition, alignment may be required after repair to the steering or suspension components, after any impact with road hazards or severe potholes, the hitting of a curb, or after an accident. If your vehicle potentially needs a wheel alignment, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX.

The Signs Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

Common signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment include uneven tread wear on one or more tires, pulling to one side when you steer, vibration, or an off center steering wheel, even when driving on a straight road. Scheduling a periodic inspection and wheel alignment when necessary, will extend the tires service life, improve braking, traction and the proper handling of your car.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for a suspension inspection and wheel alignment, or luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX.


When you need a wheel alignment, braking may be adversely affected. The tires will not fully contact the road, resulting in reduced traction with less tire on the road. As a result, braking power can also be reduced, placing you, passengers and others at risk. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the wheel alignment you need, or other luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Wheel Alignment Can Improve Gas Mileage
Poor wheel alignment can increase the resistance of the road against the tires, resulting in reduced gas mileage. Wheel alignment helps to maintain your vehicle’s gas mileage.

Suspension Wear

Poor wheel alignment can create unnecessary stress on suspension components, resulting in unnecessary wear and premature failure. Once excessive wear occurs,  luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX will be required for your safety and to receive the proper handling of the vehicle. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide a comprehensive inspection and wheel alignment utilizing the latest state-of-the-art alignment technology, and ensuring the proper handling and safety of your vehicle. If excessive wear is observed in your vehicle’s suspension, we can provide the luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX that you require.

Tire Wear

The goal is for tires to wear evenly across the tread, extending the service life. There can be other causes of uneven tread wear, besides poor alignment. When it occurs on the rear tires, remove unnecessary items from the trunk to reduce the weight.  Improper tire pressure also causes uneven tread wear, and should be checked bi-weekly at a minimum.  In addition, it is important to know that the proper air pressure as specified in the vehicle’s owner’s manual is cold tire pressure. Check it in the morning before the car is moved, and before the day’s temperature rises. Checking the tire’s air pressure after warming from a drive or the sun will result in underinflation.

New Tires and Wheel Balancing

It is always advisable to have the wheel alignment checked when you purchase new tires. After all, you want to get every mile possible out of the tires. When you purchase new tires, wheel balancing is provided. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are not the same thing.

Wheel balancing is the process of equalizing the weight of the tire and wheel so they spin smoothly as you drive.  If not accurately balanced, there will be vibrations, with hopping and wobbling of the wheel. The effects of an unbalanced tire are not only annoying, it can prevent proper tire contact with the ground, and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the tires, suspension and steering components. Wheel balancing involves strategically placing lead weights on the tire, in order to equalize the weight for a smooth ride.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is the process of periodically exchanging the front and back tires. The goal is to even out the tread wear and extend the tires service life. The front tires will wear faster due to the heavier weight on the front axle. The recommended frequency will vary, depending on whether your vehicle is rear wheel, front wheel or 4-wheel drive. Fifth Gear Automotive will provide the services you require, and the  luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX that you need.

You can count on Fifth Gear Automotive for automotive services you can trust.  Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule wheel alignment or other luxury car auto repair in Lantana, TX. We offer ASE certified mechanics who specialize in luxury cars, domestic and imports. Our mechanics use the latest equipment available, in order to provide the most accurate results and up-to-date information regarding manufacturing upgrades.