Winter Tire Guide

If you’re like most people, you don’t give a lot of thought to your tires. At best, you provide a quick look to check the tread every few months, with the closest inspection being when you wash your vehicle by hand. With winter approaching, it can be beneficial to carefully inspect your tires, and remember to check the tire pressure each week. Extremes in temperature can greatly affect the pressure, and cause uneven wear if neglected. If you are uncertain as to how to check your tires, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for tire inspection in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Tire Facts

A tire is composed of more than 200 raw materials, with each material playing a role in the tire performance and longevity. The tires range of performance plays a role in what and how much of a material goes into its composition. Rubber compounds are more than just rubber – and the rubber itself can be natural or synthetic depending upon the tires application. Rubber compounds are comprised of elastomers, reinforcing fillers, plasticizers and other chemicals. Natural rubber is primarily used in truck tires and those for heavy equipment. Natural rubber reduces internal heat, and offers a high mechanical resistance.

Synthetic rubber accounts for 60% of the rubber used in the tire industry. Synthetic rubber is produced from petroleum-derived hydrocarbons, with natural rubber comprising the remaining 40%. Synthetic elastomers are extremely flexible, tolerating deformation under stress and returning to the original shape when the stress is removed. This property is highly valuable in tires manufactured for high traction. Synthetic rubber is also the reason behind tires longevity, and other valued properties. It is primarily used on passenger vehicles and motorcycle tires for its traction properties and ability to grip the pavement.

The rubber compound influences a tire performance in a specific temperature range. For example, all-season tires are often rated to work in temperatures below freezing, as well as during the summer heat. Because the construction creates a compromise of temperature, they do lose traction in temperatures below 45 degrees. However, tires created specifically for winter and snow conditions provide superior traction when temperatures are below freezing.

Tread design is an additional factor that affects a vehicle’s performance in various environments. For example, tires created for snow and slush will best serve those driving in snow. Off-road vehicles used mud tires for improved off-road performance. Furthermore, there are tires designed to direct water away and minimize road noise while reducing the potential for hydroplaning. If you require assistance in selecting tires, we can assist you in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

This is why a number of people in the southern states choose all-season tires. Because in the south, the most frequent winter road hazard is rain and patches of ice. It is a middle of the road option, and selecting a good brand will provide a balance of ride comfort, quietness, traction, and longevity. Fifth Gear Automotive’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX can provide the tires you need for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment 

It’s often difficult to tell if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, and it is required in professional auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. Most people are unaware of a problem until excessive and abnormal wear has occurred on tires. Subtle signs may be present such as the steering pulling to one side, or handling the vehicle may be more difficult than is normal. Left uncorrected, misalignment may cause excessive wear on suspension components that become costly repairs.

Frequent causes for the need of alignment include hitting potholes, or a curb. Proper alignment ensures the best road handling, protects tires from irregular and premature wear, and saves you on fuel economy. Fifth Gear Automotive’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX can provide the expert wheel alignment you need.

Tire Balancing

A well-balanced tire rotates on the axle without any vibrations. For proper tire balancing, weights are placed at certain points around the rim. Well-balanced tires are comfortable to drive without unusual noise, promote longer tire life, and will not cause wear on mechanical components. Occasionally weights are lost, causing vibration, and noise. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the tire services you need in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive for quality automotive repair, maintenance, and installation. Our certified mechanics take pride in a job well done, whether you need a simple oil change, tire installation, a engine repair or other automotive services in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.