Short answer: 

We are often asked by our customers if any of the myriad “mechanic in a bottle” leak stoppers are a viable option for repairing leaking head gaskets, leaking radiators, and various other engine leaks and maladies. There are hundreds of these snake oils on the market, each of them promising the moon for just a couple of dollars.


We always strongly advise against using them, and you can easily see why in these photos we took of the effects of stop leak in this Porsche Boxster engine. What could have been solved with a relatively straightforward and painless head gasket replacement quickly turned into the nightmare you see below. That $10 bottle of stop leak turned into hundreds of dollars in labor to clean up the mess it created.


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If your engine or related components are leaking, save yourself the headache and give us a call at 972-317-4005 to have that leak diagnosed and repaired correctly, with a full 2-year/24,000 mile warranty to back it up.