Your automobile brakes have to work hard to stop every time you brake. The braking action eventually results in wear of the components, such as brake pads or shoes. The signs that it is time to have the pads replaced may include brakes that seem spongy, grind, squeal, squeak, brakes that pull to one side when depressed, and brakes that seem to go closer to the floor than they used to. Brake repair should not be delayed, bring your vehicle into Fifth Gear Automotive’s dedicated mechanics in Lewisville, TX for service today.

While brake failures are rarely the cause of car accidents (an estimated 5%), it is a top cause of accidents with trucks and larger vehicles. This is in part due to the heavy weight of larger passenger vehicles. The larger and heavier a vehicle is, the longer it takes for braking action to stop it, and if the brake function is impaired, there is less time to avoid an accident.

In addition, brake fade is another potential cause of brake failure, and occurs when the brakes overheat due to hard and prolonged braking. Braking power “fades away” as the linings heat up, hence the use of the term. Disc brakes have reduced the potential for brake fade, though under the correct conditions it may still occur. Brake fade is more likely to occur when driving down a lengthy hill using the brakes to control speed.

While brake fade is more predominate among semi-trucks, when it occurs in a passenger vehicle, a qualified mechanic should inspect the brakes. Fifth Gear’s ASE certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s brake system to identify any problems, and provide the necessary repairs. Braking hard for a prolonged period can result in overheated brakes, and glazing of the linings of shoes and/or pads. Glazing occurs when the contacting surfaces of the linings have a smooth, shiny appearance, resulting in reduced braking power.

The lives of you and your passengers depend on properly functioning and maintained brakes. Owning a car requires some responsibility to ensure its function and safety. Fluid levels should be inspected weekly, keep brake fluid, power steering fluid, the correct radiator coolant, and transmission fluid on hand for when you need it. Ensure you have the proper types of fluid as specified in the owner’s manual. Our ASE certified auto mechanics in Lewisville, TX offer the following brake services and more:

Fifth Gear Automotive’s Standard Brake Services

  • Inspect the brake system components
  • Install new pads
  • Install new brake shoes and wheel cylinders if required
  • Bleed air from the brake system
  • Re-surfacing of rotors and drums
  • Replace master cylinders and brake booster
  • Inspect brake lines and replacement when require
  • Service of anti-lock brake systems (ABS)
  • Replacement of ABS wheel sensors
  • Change brake fluid – Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics will not recommend a brake flush or change unless it is actually required. Shops are increasingly recommending a brake flush, often when it is not necessary. There are exceptions, such as when moisture contaminates the fluid, or when brake fluid has overheated.

Furthermore, brake fluid should appear clear. A rusty color may indicate moisture in the fluid, while black or dark colored fluid may indicate overheating. Brake fluid with a burnt odor can also indicate it may have overheated. Either condition warrants a brake fluid flush

Soft or Low Brake Pedal is a Common Brake Problem


If you feel the brake pedal is going closer to the floor than normal, you could have a brake problem, and Fifth Gear Automotive’s mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide the repair you need.

A low brake pedal is often assumed to be a sign of master cylinder failure, which is a possibility. However, it is common for air in the system, or of excess movement between the linings and the rotors to cause the same symptom. Air in the system can be due to improper bleeding after brake work is performed, or a brake fluid leak to name a few.

If you need a brake inspection, maintenance or repair, bring your vehicle in to Fifth Gear Automotive’s dedicated mechanics in Lewisville, TX.  Our certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX work on all makes and models, both foreign and domestic automobiles.

The certified automotive technicians at Fifth Gear Automotive’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX strive to exceed your expectations with all of our services. You can rely on our mechanics in Lewisville, TX to provide the best quality brake service, and other automotive repair services available. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule service.