Routine oil
help to maintain a clean engine in your vehicle,
to lubricate the engine, and avoid the damage caused by friction related wear. Using
the proper motor oil, in the correct
amount, and maintaining the recommended frequency of oil changes ensures engine performance, and the engine lifespan.
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Motor oil is constantly
exposed to the heat generated by the engine, and leads to oil degradation. The result is thickened oil, sludge, deposits and
corrosive wear of the engine when proper oil changes aren’t provided. Fifth
Gear Automotive mechanics will
provide your vehicle with the oil and filter change it needs. Give us a call to
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When oil breaks down due to age and wear, it is
unable to protect the engine against corrosion and wear. Furthermore, an engine
that has not received proper maintenance can experience sludge buildup in oil
passages in the engine, reducing the effectiveness of oil. The failure to
change the oil can result in premature wear of the engine and its components
due to friction, and friction is due to worn out oil. The result leads to expensive
repairs, or even the need for a new engine.

Proper lubrication provides the best
protection, and routine oil changes
with the correct oil for the engine is the best means of ensuring engine

The frequency of oil changes depends on
numerous factors and the recommendations vary based on these factors.

You may want to provide more frequent
oil changes when:

·      You have poor driving habits such as fast starts, heavy acceleration
or high-speed driving

·      You live in an extremely hot or cold climate

·      You frequently drive on dirt roads

·      Your engine has high mileage and/or burns oil

·      You often transport heavy loads

·      You drive in stop and go traffic

Furthermore, oil contains additives that
neutralize acids. Over time, these additives are used up and stop being
effective. Always use the manufacturer recommended oil for your vehicle. If you
are unsure of the recommended oil, check the owner’s manual or just ask when
you bring your car in for automotive service
to our auto repair shops in Lewisville,

In addition, oil holds water, dust, and
combustion byproducts in suspension. Eventually, the oil becomes saturated and
can’t hold any more, and still provide for its job – protecting the engine.

Checking the Oil

Just as important as changing the oil is
checking the oil every few hundred miles. In general, ideally the oil level
should be checked every week, depending on how much you drive. It is also
essential to understand not to overfill the crankcase. The oil pump can’t
lubricate the engine effectively if you do, and creates wear just as being low
on oil can create increased wear. If your car is due for an oil change, bring
it in to Fifth Gear auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX

Oil Level Warnings

Most cars have a dash warning light or a
mechanical oil pressure gauge that alerts the driver of a low oil condition,
oil pressure difference, or a regular oil change interval. It is essential to
respond immediately to a warning light or low
oil pressure reading
in order to protect the engine.

Your vehicle should provide you with
reliable service for years to come when you follow recommended maintenance
schedules, including routine oil changes.
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