Winter Emergency Car Kit | Mechanics Lewisville, TX

Forecasters are saying it is too soon to tell from weather models the details of the coming winter. They do know at this point, conditions appear to be setting up for a repeat of last winter. Before winter arrives, schedule a seasonal check-up for your vehicle. With your car prepared for winter weather you will reduce the risk of being stranded on the road. Schedule your winter service now, with Fifth Gear Automotive’s certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX. Next, pack your winter emergency car kit and place it in your vehicle.

Use the following tips for winter emergency preparedness on the road.

During extreme cold, icy road conditions can occur. Last winter caught many people off guard in the southern states, leaving them stranded in their automobiles for extended periods of time. It’s better to prepare and not need it, than to be stranded in the cold on icy roads. Emergency Car Kit

Winter travel can place stress on automobiles, and when travelers become stranded on the road in winter weather, being prepared can be the difference between life and death. Schedule your vehicle’s winter inspection with Fifth Gear Automotive’s mechanics in Lewisville, TX today.

Prepare Your Car

  • Check the tires and ensure chains used for travel will fit before winter arrives. Remember to routinely check tire air pressure throughout the winter. Remember, when traveling into areas where snow is likely you may need chains. If you are unsure of how to use chains any of our mechanics in Lewisville, TX will be glad to assist you.
  • Take your car in for an inspection by Fifth Gear’s certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX before cold weather sets in. You don’t want to wait until you are stranded in the cold to ensure your battery has enough cold cranking amps. A check-up by our mechanics in Lewisville, TX will ensure that the battery, belts, brakes, hoses, radiator, wipers, heater/defroster and lights pass inspection and are prepared for winter.
  • Keep the fuel tank full. During this past winter’s storms thousands of motorists were stranded on icy roads for days before a rescue could be mounted. When their fuel ran out, they were left without heat. Remember to crack a window to allow fresh air in, and allow deadly carbon monoxide out when running the heat in a motionless car. This includes sitting in parking lots.
  • A bag of cat litter or sand stored in the truck can assist getting you back on the road when you become stuck in mud.

Keep in the Car

  • Keep a winter survival kit in each vehicle containing: flashlight, blankets, snacks, water, gloves, hat, boots, first-aid kit.
  • Medications shouldn’t be stored in freezing temperature. Carry enough on your person for a week. Even if you are rescued, it may be days before you can make it home.
  • Keep toilet tissue and a spare warm coat in the vehicle, along with shoes suitable for walking in snow and ice in the car and extra socks.
  • It’s a good idea to keep a spare automotive cell phone charger in the vehicle.
  • Emergency foil backed blankets are easily stored in a glove box and/or blankets.
  • A bottle warmer that will plug into the cigarette lighter, which can double up to heat water for instant coffee, hot cocoa and instant dried soups, as well as heating infants bottles.

Prepare an Emergency Pack

When snow or winter storms are possible place it in the car. It should contain:

  1. Baby formula, a large package of diapers and baby wipes.
  2. Baby food and a spoon. The plastic packaged kind will not risk glass shards if frozen.
  3. Bottled water.
  4. Instant dehydrated soups, instant coffee or tea and a container to heat them in (If you place a bottle warmer in the car). Pack non-perishable foods that don’t require heating.

Remember to place a winter emergency car kit in your vehicle before traveling in threatening weather or extreme temperatures and leave it there. Call Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule a pre-winter check-up of your automobile. Our certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX will ensure your car is prepared for winter. For service you can rely upon, call for service with Fifth Gear certified technician today.