Do you know that Hybrid vehicles use regenerative charging
technology for the batteries installed in them? This means that whenever you
use the brakes on your hybrid vehicle, part of the energy produced is amazingly
charged back into the battery again!

Speaking of this technological feature, anyone who knows
even a little about the hybrid vehicle knows the fact that even with the many
benefits of this technology, there are certain drawbacks which need proper consideration.
For instance, almost every hybrid vehicle battery offers an eight year or
100,000-mile warranty. However, as per the research and the experts of auto
repair in Argyle, TX
, the useful life of a hybrid battery may be as
low as 6 years long.

These drawbacks may also include the issues with the power
or the gas mileage over time. While most of the consumers like to take the
risk, many warranties extend the battery coverage to almost 100,000 in other
cases. But there are certain situations in which it is essential to get the
battery conditioning done. This conditioning is, however, essential to maintain
the long-term performance of the battery.

Many hybrid vehicles completely shut down in case of running
out of gas. This feature helps in the protection of the costly batteries. While
many of the hybrid vehicles come with this mechanism, some of them do not have
this feature and they fail to run long on battery power solely.

With these drawbacks, the professionals of auto repair in
Argyle, TX
suggest battery conditioning. These batteries can be conditioned
multiple times or as required. This is to enhance their performance and to
increase the reliability. Also, this will help in restoring the power and
economy of your hybrid vehicle at a fraction of a cost than that of buying a
new battery.


What are the signs that indicate the need for conditioning in a hybrid

Hybrid batteries are manufactured by keeping high standards in
mind. This is also done to increase the lifetime of our vehicles. However, over
time and depending upon the usage, the battery pack of hybrid vehicles may be
faced with reduced performance, lost energy, and hence, poor overall efficiency.

Ignorance in handling these issues in time, may cost you
complete replacement of your vehicle’s battery as suggested by professionals of
auto repair in Argyle, TX. To understand this further, let us have
a look at some of the major signs that indicate that it’s time for battery
conditioning of a hybrid vehicle.

  • Reduced energy and the declining torque
  • An accelerated loss of battery power
  • Reduced performance of the vehicle
  • A severe reduction in the vehicle’s gas mileage
  • An increased dependence on the gasoline engine

What many people don’t realize is
that, while facing any of the above issues, they don’t really need to opt for a
battery replacement. While this is a costly measure to take, this is also not
an appropriate one. There is no need to get the costly battery replaced when it
can easily be serviced with the assistance of an expert in auto repair in
Argyle, TX.

Although not all the batteries can
be reconditioned, the professionals of auto
repair in Argyle, TX
are capable of restoring the efficiency and
performance of a hybrid vehicle battery, not only potentially but within a
fraction of a battery replacement cost.

What are the factors that badly affect the useful life of a reconditioned battery?

The experts of auto repair in Argyle, TX suggest that
if a battery is properly conditioned, it can provide an efficient service for
years to come. Also, it is important to always choose certified (trained
according to the industry standards) professional of auto repair in Argyle, TX
to perform this task. However, before you search for one, let us discuss the
factors that adversely affect the longevity of a reconditioned battery.

As discussed earlier and also recommended by the
experts of
auto repair in Argyle, TX, battery packs of a hybrid vehicle
are capable of going through the conditioning process multiple times during their
lifespan. But what we don’t realize is the age factor of the vehicle. This
factor is responsible for reducing the performance of the battery pack permanently,
even after the reconditioning process.

Just like the age factor of a battery, the reduced
performance could also be the result of the extreme temperature of your
location along with its elevation or the heavy use of the hybrid vehicle.

Another reason for it may be the operating of the
hybrid vehicle in a way that would put a lot of stress on the battery pack.
This would place the battery in an extreme and profound state of discharge.
Hence, this is highly discouraged for both new and old battery packs of the
hybrid vehicle especially.

The most commonly observed factor is the
electrolyte leakage of the battery. This reduces the performance of the battery
and its expected useful life at a much higher rate than the usual.

What should be done to improve the efficiency of your hybrid vehicle?

The driving pattern affects the gas mileage. While this is
true for all types of vehicles, we should also careful with braking and accelerating
a hybrid vehicle. This should be done smoothly and gently to improve and
maintain the efficiency. Moreover, this practice is specifically beneficial
during heavy traffic conditions as it ensures the use of the electric motor

However, in addition to the useful information discussed
above, it is equally important to choose a professional for auto
repair in Argyle, TX
for your battery conditioning. If you are
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