Fifth Gear Automotive is a full service and repair center
providing quality automotive service and repair of domestic and luxury, import,
classic and sports cars. We combine state-of-the-art-technology with an
attention to detail, and offer ASE certified mechanics, ensuring the highest
standard of service for you and your automobile in Fifth Gear auto repair
shops in Lantana, TX.
Our certified specialists are equipped to handle any
auto service or repair on your vehicle following the manufacturers recommended
guidelines, including your BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Land Rover
and other fine automobiles. We can provide the professional services you
require in our auto repair shops in Lantana, TX.

Warranty Services

You do not have to rely on a dealership for warranty services
and factory manufactured parts. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide
the service and manufacturers parts for your domestic or luxury import in our auto
repair shops in Lantana, TX.

Maintenance Services

Scheduling the recommended maintenance in a timely manner
ensures reliability, consistent performance, vehicle safety and long term
service.  Now is a opportune time to
schedule service, with summer temperatures already rising. Our summer
inspection includes an inspection of the air conditioning system, the cooling
system, including belts, water pump, engine block and radiator. In addition,
radiator hoses, thermostat and fan operation and checking the coolant level are
part of our summer service. Give us a call today to schedule service, or bring
your car by to Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lantana, TX.

Auto Repair

Fifth Gear Automotive is committed to providing exceptional
service, value and quality of work for both domestic and luxury cars in our auto
repair shops in Lantana, TX
. We believe in earning your business with every
job, and strive for the highest customer satisfaction possible. That is because
we understand when a customer finds a reliable shop, you will become a loyal,
lifetime customer.

Summer Driving Tips

Overheated vehicles are a common problem during high summer
temperatures. Use the following tips to help prevent breakdowns and being

Before heading out check all the fluid levels at
least once per week during the summer. This includes oil, transmission fluid,
brake fluid, and coolant level. In addition, check your wiper blades for
damage, battery level, tires, radiator hoses, belts and windshield washer
fluid.  High temperatures are hard on a
battery, and if yours is weakening it is better to replace it before it strands

When checking the coolant, consistently low levels indicate a
leak. It may be as simple as a loose hose clamp, or a serious problem such as a
failing water pump, leaky radiator or other causes. Fifth Gear certified
can diagnose and provide the automotive repair you require in our
auto repair shops in Lantana, TX.

Monitor the lights and gauges for warnings. If
the temperature begins to climb beyond the acceptable range, turn off the air
conditioner and pull off the road in a safe area away from traffic if the
temperature reaches the red zone. Turn on the emergency flashers. To avoid
serious damage to the engine, do not continue to drive when overheating

When stranded on the side of the road, raise the
hood to alert other drivers, and to assist the wrecker driver to identify your
vehicle. If your vehicle is stranded on the road, get out of it and as far away
as possible after turning on your emergency flashers.

Never attempt to remove the radiator cap on a
hot engine, not even when the temperature is within the normal range. Wait
until the engine cools to avoid serious injury. After the engine cools, if the
coolant level is low, add the manufacturer recommended coolant.

Never leave a child or pet in an unattended or
closed up car. Temperatures can quickly climb to fatal levels even with outdoor
temperatures in the 80’s.

Keep a cell phone with you to call for
assistance. If you do not have a cell phone and strangers stop and offer to
help, ask them to call the police.

While waiting for a tow, lock the doors and keep
the windows up if you are able to use your air conditioning. If someone
approaches you, crack the window without leaving them space to reach inside. Do
not open the door.

Ensure someone knows your destination, and the
route you will take. If you are stranded, help can be sent when the route is

Avoid distractions, and do not text and drive.
If a child needs your attention, or you receive a text, pull off the road to a
safe area away from traffic.

10. Take frequent stops for
rest, and get out and walk around a bit. Be cautious in rest areas, and be
aware of who is around you.

11. Maintain a clean car
inside. Items can become deadly projectiles in an accident.

12. If you have a flat tire,
and plan to change it yourself, place triangle reflectors behind your vehicle.

Fifth Gear Automotive
offers a wide range of professional automotive services in our auto
repair shops in Lantana, TX.
 A well-maintained automobile runs
and performs better, provides greater reliability, and is safer to drive. You
can rely on our ASE certified mechanics to provide the highest quality
services. Give us a call, or bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops
in Lantana, TX