Emission Repair and Catalytic Converters | Lewisville / Argyle, TXSeventeen Texas counties require emissions testing, Click here to see if you are in one of the counties that require emissions testing. If you are in one of the Texas counties that require emissions testing, your vehicle needs to pass the test in order to be legal to drive on Texas state roads and highways. If your vehicle fails the emissions test, you are required to have the car repaired, retake, and pass the emissions test.

There are many things that go into a good emissions reading. Properly functioning equipment is a must, the catalytic converter, ECU, spark plugs, valves, and other vital components must be working in unison to pass an emissions test. A problem with just one of your vehicle’s systems can result in failing the test, causing your vehicle to be unfit for road use in the eyes of the law.

Since there are so many different things that influence your vehicle emissions, finding what is specifically causing your vehicle to fail the test is a very important. Often times mechanics blindly replace parts, which is a waste of your time and money, and even small costs can add up to large expenses. Our experienced technicians can properly diagnose what is causing the problem, and apply the proper fix big or small, helping you get back on the road worry free. A side benefit of repairing faulty parts and correcting improper settings is vehicle that runs smoother, and more efficiently. So rest assured that these repairs will do more than just please the legislature.

Don’t let a failed emissions test hold you back; come to Fifth Gear Automotive for diagnosis and emissions repair. We will help get your vehicle running in top shape for your next emissions test, with specific fixes that will solve your emissions problems. Get on the road again with dealer like service with independent prices.


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