Transmission Service & Repair | Lewisville & Argyle, TXThere are few words in the auto repair world that are as scary as, “transmission.” It is the mysterious and often misunderstood contraption that shifts your vehicle’s gears by computer, or via manual shifter. However a transmission does not have to be a scary thing, and with regular transmission service it will provide years of reliable performance.

The automatic transmission is a remarkable invention. An entire orchestra of gears, hydraulics, oil and computers allows your vehicle to change gears automatically. The parts of an automatic transmission are extremely complex, and expensive replace. To keep from having to spend thousands of dollars on extensive repairs, we recommend preventative maintenance to keep your automatic transmission working properly.

The most important thing you can do to service your transmission is to keep the fluid clean and full. Transmission fluid provides the vital lubrication for the gears of your automatic transmission. The filter traps any contaminants that have work their way through the seals, and fine metal particles that may have shaved off from the other parts of the transmission. Transmission fluid should be changed periodically, and the transmission fluid filter should be replaced at regular intervals as well. See your owners manual for the recommended service interval, or come on in and see us, and we can check the condition of your transmission fluid.

The manual transmission is much more simple than the automatic transmission, but still requires the same regular fluid changes and in some cases filter changes for optimal performance.

Keeping an eye out for leaks is also important. Transmission fluid is typically red, so if you notice any red stains under your vehicle, you may have a transmission leak. If your transmission is leaking, bring it in right away. Low fluid can have disastrous effects on your transmission that will be very expensive to repair.

Keep your transmission healthy with regular transmission service from Fifth Gear Automotive.


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