Automotive Radiator & Fan Service & Repair | Lewisville / Argyle, TXHeat is one of the biggest enemies of the engine life, and efficiency. You vehicle’s radiator and fan are tasked with dissipating the enormous amounts of heat created by the combustion process, and if they are not up to the task, it can mean the end of your engine.

Your vehicle’s cooling system is extremely important to keep your vehicle running. Over time your cooling system can become less effective, which can lead to engine failure. Most manufacturers recommend regular coolant changes, or flushes at scheduled intervals. A coolant system flush cleans out rust and scale that has built up in the cooling system over time, and fresh coolant helps to keep more from forming. This will keep your cooling system running at peak effectiveness, insuring your engine’s continued health.

Another thing to watch for is damage to the radiator, and radiator hoses. Rocks, and other road debris can puncture the radiator causing coolant to leak. Left unaddressed, a coolant leak will cause overheating, and engine damage. Radiator hoses are another point of failure in the cooling system. Rubber hoses break down over time, and the constant heating and cooling of the hoses only accelerates the process. Worn hoses can kink, or rupture making a large mess, and causing the engine to overheat.

Do not let your cooling system fall into disrepair! Regular maintenance of the cooling system saves you time and money by preventing major problems from developing. Come to Fifth Gear Automotive for complete radiator, and fan service, and repair.


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