Exhaust, Muffler Service & Repair | Lewisville / Argyle, TXThe exhaust pipes and muffler on your vehicle are responsible for routing hot, toxic exhaust fumes safely away from the passengers in the vehicle, and for keeping noise at a comfortable level. Both also play an important role in the performance of your vehicle. Having the correct exhaust and muffler can boost efficiency, as well as performance, and comfort of your vehicle.

Exhaust pipe’s primary function is to direct exhaust gasses from the combustion process away from the engine, and the passengers. These gasses are extremely hot, and can damage components under the hood if not managed properly. Electronics are especially vulnerable to the extreme heat of these exhaust gasses. These gasses also contain carbon monoxide, which is deadly to humans, which must be routed away from the passengers for safety reasons. Carbon monoxide is especially deadly because it is an odorless, tasteless, nearly undetectable gas. Thankfully these dangers, and potential damage can be avoided with exhaust and muffler service and repair.

The most common problem with exhaust systems is leaks. Over time, gaskets, and welds can break down, and the elements can take a toll on the exhaust pipes and muffler. Exhaust leaks allow deadly carbon monoxide to enter your vehicle, and can allow hot gasses to damage other vehicle parts. When you do have an exhaust leak, here are some of the things you may experience.

  • A ticking noise during acceleration
  • A louder than normal exhaust sound
  • The sound of exhaust coming from strange places on your car
  • Failed emissions test
  • The smell of exhaust inside your vehicle

Keep your vehicle safe and comfortable with exhaust and muffler service and repair from Fifth Gear Automotive. With over 100 years of combined experience, and dealer like service with independent prices. Stop in today for all your exhaust and muffler service and repair needs.


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