2 or 4 Wheel Alignment | Lewisville / Argyle, TXCorrect 2 or 4 wheel alignment can totally transform your vehicle. When all of the wheel angles are set into proper alignment, your vehicle will handle and better, have better traction, all with less stress and wear on your vehicle.

If you are experiencing uneven tire wear, pulling to the left or right while accelerating, excessive steering wheel vibration, need to turn the steering wheel to drive straight, or have excessive play in the steering wheel, you may need a wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is the adjusting of three main settings, camber, caster, and toe, to their optimum positions for your vehicle. The correct alignment of your vehicle’s wheels allow all of the suspension parts, and the tires to perform at their best.

With properly adjusted your vehicle will drive in a straight line easier. This means you will have to do less correcting while driving, resulting in an easier driving experience. An improper alignment also creates extra friction between the tires and the road. This extra friction wears the tires out faster, and lowers efficiency, which results in lower gas mileage. When the wheels are aligned correctly there will be less friction between the tires and the road means that that tires will last longer, and you will have better gas mileage.

Don’t delay! Come to Fifth Gear Automotive and get your wheel alignment today. So you can get back on the road with a better handling, more efficient vehicle!


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