Oil Changes and Lube Services | Lewisville / Argyle, TXA regular oil change is one of best forms of routine maintenance you can perform on your vehicle.

Fresh oil allows your engine to function at peak efficiency, and performance; and protects your engine’s parts from premature wear, and heat.

Engine oil is much more than just a lubricant, while it is responsible for lubricating your engine’s moving parts, there are several other functions that motor oil performs. Aside from providing lubrication, it also protects your engine, cleans, and cools your engine.

Engine Protection

Motor oil provides lubrication, and lubrication provides protection from friction. Friction causes parts to overheat, and when they overheat they can warp, expand and seize. Friction also reduces power, and efficiency.

Motor oil also provides protection from corrosion. Contaminates, and other byproducts of combustion can corrode engine parts, causing premature wear. Fresh oil removes built up contaminates, and adds back the corrosion protection formulas of high quality motor oil.


Engines are precision made machines, and even extremely small contaminates can cause extra wear and tear on sensitive parts. Deposits from the combustion process can also create a build up that can begin to cause reductions in efficiency and power.

Motor oil flows through all of your engine’s moving parts, catches those small particles, carries them away from the sensitive parts. The particles are held in suspension until the oil can be pumped through the oil filter for removal.


Motor oil is also largely responsible for cooling your engine. The oil that flows over them cools all engine internals, such as: pistons, crankshaft, and the connecting rods. Heat is generated by the combustion process, and carried away by the oil. The oil is pumped back to the oil pan, or oil cooler to dissipate the heat into the ambient air.

Oil Changes Are Important!

As you can see having good, clean oil is much more than lubrication. It is an in depth form of protection for your engine. Do not let your vehicle’s lifespan, efficiency, and performance suffer because of old, dirty motor oil. Come to Fifth Gear Automotive for an oil change today!


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