Fuel Injector Cleaning, Service & Repair | Lewisville / Argyle, TXOver the years your fuel injectors can become clogged, and begin to malfunction. Fuel varnish, and sometimes dirt can build up to the point that the fuel injector can no long inject enough fuel into the combustion chamber. This may cause the engine to run lean, hesitate, misfire, or in some cases stall completely.

Fuel injectors come in many different styles, in both mechanical and electronic form. However all types of fuel injectors are vulnerable to clogging and can require service or cleaning. None are immune, and it does not take much to effect fuel flow. The injector opening is very small, and even tiny amounts of buildup can affect its function.

The cure for a clogged and dirty injector is cleaning. There are a multitude of fuel additives that claim to clean fuel injectors, but most of the time their results are minimal. Injectors can be cleaned with pressurized solvents, or can be removed from the car for ultrasonic cleaning. If the fuel injector is too clogged to respond to cleaning it will need to be replaced, but only as a last resort.

A clean injector will spray a fine, cone-shaped mist that will combust fully, and quickly. This translates into better fuel economy, increased throttle response, and reduced risk of engine damage.

There is much debate over the best way to avoid clogged fuel injectors. Some say additives, or using gasoline with sufficient cleaning agents to keep deposits from forming. Whatever method you use, when it is time for fuel injector service and cleaning, come to Fifth Gear Automotive! We will make sure that your injectors run like new at a price you can afford. Dealer like service with independent prices.


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