mechanics of Fifth Gear Automotive
repair shops Lewisville, TX
want driving your vehicle to be a safe
experience. Read on to learn how to improve your vehicle safety with routine
auto maintenance.


The leading
cause of automobile accidents is impaired drivers due to texting, alcohol, and
drug use of both legal and illegal kind.

error is an additional cause of crashes. Driver error can be numerous things,
including distraction, fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel, inexperience,
reckless driving, eating while driving, and others.

Driver related
causes account for approximately three out of every four accidents. Weather related
accidents is a cause beyond human control, and includes factors such as fog,
smoke, snow, ice, rain, sleet and wind.

down is one of the best tactics for reducing accidents during bad weather, and
when the danger is due to ice or snow, the preferred option is to get off the


failures are responsible for only a small percentage of accidents. However, no
one wants to be a victim. The majority of accidents related to mechanical
failure is secondary to wear and tear, and a lack of routine automotive maintenance. While
manufacturing defects account for a small portion of accidents, wear and tear
are the primary cause. Routine maintenance can ensure a safer vehicle for you.
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Since 2008,
all vehicles are required to have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.
Under-inflated tires are a primary cause of tire related accidents, especially
in hot weather. Over-inflated tires reduce your traction area and can result in
accidents. Ensure the tires have the recommended tire pressure by checking
weekly, they will last longer, and improve your safety. In addition, routinely
check to ensure lug nuts are tight!

addition, inspect the tires routinely, when washing the car is a good time to
check the tread and ensure it is adequate. Inspect for uneven wear on the tires,
which indicates a need for alignment, and/or repair. Bulges, wrinkles, and
cracking in the tire sidewall can indicate the need for replacement. Ensure to
use the size and type of tire recommended by the manufacturer for the highest
safety, performance and to prevent damage to the suspension. If you need new
tires, we can provide them. Contact our auto
repair shops in Lewisville, TX
today to schedule new tires.


brakes, such as a squeak, and a metallic grinding indicate a problem with the
brakes. Other signs of brake issues include the brake pedal traveling closer to
the floorboard than usual, or a sinking pedal going to the floor both indicate
prompt brake repair is needed. Other signs of brake issues include pulling, pulsing,
or “chattering”, and low brake fluid. Worn brakes often result in a low brake
fluid level. Never drive a vehicle with suspected brake problems, and don’t
ignore the brake, or the ABS warning light. Be alert to changes in braking and
have it checked when they occur. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX to
schedule brake repair.


If the
steering pulls to one side, feels loose, has play or when the steering wheel is
off center, bring your car to Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX for identification of the
problem and repair before an accident occurs. The inspection and repair of
suspension and steering components requires the skills of a professional certified


Replace wiper
blades that streak, and perform poorly. In addition, if the rubber is cracked
or torn replace them. Annual replacement helps to ensure good performance.


A weekly
inspection is recommended for all fluid levels, tires, wipers, brakes, and
headlights, parking lights, along with turn signals. If you don’t have anyone
to help you, use a book on the brake pedal to ensure no bulbs are blown.

If it has
been a while since your vehicle received routine auto maintenance, contact Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX today
to schedule it. A well-maintained car runs and performs better, experiences greater
reliability, and is safer to drive. Our certified mechanics can perform the services you require. Fifth Gear
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