Drivers’ who
have experienced a broken auto AC is aware of how hot it can become in a
vehicle, especially when stuck in traffic.
Staying cool not only keeps you comfortable, it also helps you stay
alert and practice safer driving. When the air conditioning does not provide cold
air, the refrigerant level in the system may be low, or there may be a more
serious problem with other components. Refrigerant is not used up as oil is,
and when low, the AC system has a leak. Have it checked by a Fifth Gear
Automotive professional. Our well trained mechanics can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX your
vehicle needs.

AC Failure

There are a few reasons the auto AC system may stop working, and
the heart of the system is the air conditioning compressor. The vehicles AC
system is comprised of numerous components, any of which can fail. The best
means to ensure a prompt diagnosis and repair is by scheduling service with a
certified mechanic.

If the air does not cool down when the
AC system is turned on, listen to the compressor running. When the compressor
does not kick in, a component may have failed, or the refrigerant may be low activating
the safety switch. The safety switch will not allow the compressor to run
preventing damage due to a low refrigerant level.

Visually inspect the AC compressor for rust, physical
damage, or leaks. These signs may indicate a higher likelihood of compressor
failure. However, a compressor may not show these signs and can still fail.

Check the belts for damage. Cracked, worn,
or splitting belts can cause AC compressor failure. If the belts indicate wear
or damage, they should be replaced. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule a
belt replacement, and/or auto AC repair
in Lewisville, TX.

The AC system is closed and should not
leak refrigerant. Low refrigerant indicates a leak in the system. Only a certified
mechanic should provide testing for
a refrigerant leak. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule an auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Our highly
trained mechanics in Lewisville, TX
have the skill and equipment to locate an auto
refrigeration leak
and provide the necessary repair.

When your vehicle needs auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX, contact
Fifth Gear Automotive and schedule a repair. Drivers often purchase refrigerant
and add it to the system. In the long run, adding refrigerant without proper
diagnosing and AC repair can cause greater damage than good. A system that has
air contained in the closed system due to a leak can experience a failed AC compressor without first repairing the
leak. Furthermore, the system requires proper evacuation of air before adding
refrigerant. Once an AC compressor
occurs, replacement is the only option.

Waiting to provide AC repair can result in damage to additional components, including
the costly compressor. Scheduling AC service now may save you money in the long
run. Fifth Gear Automotive provides expert auto
AC repair in Lewisville, TX
. Our certified mechanics provide professional expertise for reliable automotive
repair and maintenance. Schedule an appointment today for your automotive needs
in Lewisville, TX.