If your vehicle’s engine is operating a higher
than normal temperature, or if coolant is puddling beneath your car, bring it
in to Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX for the
inspection of its cooling system.


An improperly functioning cooling system,
especially during the high heat of summer, can produce heat levels high enough
to damage the engine itself. For example, excessive engine temperatures can
cause head gaskets to blow, aluminum heads to warp, and these are all costly

Fifth Gear Automotive certified mechanics recommend
routine coolant (antifreeze) changes according to the manufacturer’s suggested
schedule. Furthermore, an annual auto maintenance
and service checkup in our auto repair
shops in Lewisville, TX
will reduce the incidence of problems that result
in a breakdown. The cooling system
receives a consistent work out, and a diligent eye should be maintained on radiator
and heater hoses, belts, a sticking thermostat,
a clogged radiator, worn fan motors, and water pumps in the cooling system. A
Fifth Gear professional mechanic can provide the checkup your vehicle needs and
professional auto repair when

When you bring your car into Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX, the inspections we
provide to the cooling system include:

·       Check the coolant fluid level and quality. Over time, coolant wears out,
and requires replacing on a routine basis to ensure it can perform its job.
Without the right amount and quality of the coolant, your engine can overheat
in the summer, or freeze during the winter.

·       Inspection of the coolant fan by our expert mechanics ensures its
proper operation. A fan experiencing unusual noise may be worn and require
replacement. Without the fan operating, the vehicle can quickly overheat.

·       Our mechanics will inspect all belts on your car. In the cooling system, belts
operate the water pump and cooling fan. Worn belts can fail at any time,
causing the engine to overheat.

·       Checking the thermostat operation can prevent overheating and damage to the
cooling system and the engine. A thermostat can stick, typically due to age,
and our mechanics can ensure its proper operation.

·       A radiator inspection ensures the radiator is clean and capable of providing
the cooling the vehicle needs. When the radiator is clogged, our mechanics will
provide a radiator flush and cleaning to avoid overheating.

·       A cooling system inspection
includes checking for coolant leaks from the water pump, hoses, radiator,
radiator cap, and engine. In addition, the hoses receive a thorough inspection
for signs of wear and deterioration. Softening hoses are one sign you can check
for each time you inspect the fluid levels. When hoses begin to soften, it’s time
to replace them. A convenient time to replace hoses is every other scheduled
coolant replacement, or every 4 years. Call today to schedule maintenance
service in our auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX

Facts about Coolant

Coolant benefits your vehicle in ways other than
simply preventing freezing during the winter. Antifreeze also prevents
corrosion inside the engine, a task plain water can’t provide.

Of course, antifreeze prevents freezing in the
winter, but did you know it also protects against overheating in the summer?
Plain water can boil in the engine, and antifreeze prevents that. Consequently,
repairs due to overheating are also prevented as long as you ensure routine
changes of coolant are provided.

Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX offer the automotive services
you require for your vehicles cooling
and a broad range of other automotive services. Our mechanics are
certified and experienced to ensure you receive the highest quality services available,
and are dedicated to your satisfaction.