Your vehicle requires routine automotive maintenance to ensure reliability, safety, longevity and fuel economy. If you haven’t scheduled annual maintenance already, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today. Our certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX will inspect your vehicle, and providing the necessary maintenance and any repair required with your approval.


Follow the manufacturer’s guideline for the frequency of oil changes. Changing the oil is an essential maintenance task that will ensure a long life for the engine. Failure to change the oil will result in excessive wear and tear on the engine, and a significantly reduced lifespan of the vehicle.

Next, provide scheduled replacement of antifreeze, belts and hoses to avoid overheating problems, leaks, breakdowns and potential damage to the engine.

In addition, the spark plugs should be periodically inspected and replaced. Worn spark plugs can significantly affect the fuel economy, by up to 30% in fact. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended replacement frequency.

The air filter is an additional component affecting the fuel economy. Inspect it routinely, and change when soiled. Fifth Gear mechanics in Lewisville, TX  will be glad to provide these services for you.


Misaligned tires and tires with improper tire pressure will also affect your fuel economy, and result in premature replacement. In addition, under inflated tires may result in a loss of traction, and can contribute to an accident.

Proper tire pressure can improve fuel economy by over 3%. Check it weekly for best results. Another tip you may not know is the recommended pressure is for cold tires. If you have been driving for some time, or the outdoor temperature is hot, add 3 psi to the recommended tire pressure. In addition, ensure you purchase the type and size tires inflated to the cold tire pressure the vehicle manufacturer recommends. The pressure stamped on the tire is the maximum pressure allowed, not the recommended. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide the tire services you need.

Fuel Filter

Replacement of the fuel filter according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule will enhance the fuel efficiency. Our certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide the service for you.

Keep the Weight Down

Don’t carry around unnecessary weight to avoid losing fuel efficiency. Just a 100 extra pounds can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 2%.

Fuel Injection

It’s essential to have your mechanics in Lewisville, TX inspect and test your vehicles oxygen sensors, engine emissions and evaporative emissions control systems routinely. A check engine light can indicate a problem with one or more of these. A problem with the oxygen sensor can decrease the vehicle’s fuel economy by 20% or more.


Avoid gasoline with a high percentage of ethanol, which burns at a higher rate. Compare your mileage with various brands of gasoline to find which works best for your vehicle.

Air Conditioning

The use of the air conditioner increases fuel consumption. When the temperatures allow in stop and go traffic, roll down a window. However, at higher rates of speed and consistent driving, an open window creates drag, reducing your fuel mileage. Use the AC on open roads, and cruise control. A consistent speed consumes less gas.

Let Off the Gas

Faster driving consumes more fuel, as much as 33% more in fact with speeds above 60 mph.  In the city, let off the gas as you approach red lights rather than riding the brakes hard for a sudden stop. You will save on gas along with wear and tear.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

Idling unnecessarily wastes fuel. When you are stuck in traffic that isn’t moving due to accidents, for example. Shut off the engine and save the fuel.

Use Overdrive

If your car has overdrive use it, except when towing heavy trailers.

Minimize warming up your car in the winter. Winter weather affects your car in numerous ways. For example, there is more wear on the engine and transmission due to cold oil and fluids and increased friction. Warming the vehicle up before driving wastes fuel, manufacturer’s typically recommend a 30 second warm up before driving. The car will warm faster being driven than idling in the garage.

Fifth Gear Automotive certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX offer professional grade automotive services  you can rely on. When you need automotive maintenance give us a call.