Do You Need a Power Steering Flush?

Do you need a power steering flush is an age-old question, that has as many questions as answers? There are four (4) basic rules to follow to make the right call for your vehicle:

  1. Does your owner’s manual indicate specific intervals for a flush and new power steering fluid? If it is your book, then you should be doing it; period.


  1. Are you experiencing symptoms that would require a flush and new power steering fluid? In other words, if you hear a moaning, whining or growling sound as turn, this is a symptom.


  1. Is your power steering fluid level low, or below the full line on the reservoir? The power steering system is “closed” and therefore should not lose fluid unless you have a leak.


  1. Is your power steering fluid dirty? Although many of these fluids are advertised as lifetime, they do eventually breakdown and will begin to have trouble doing what they are designed to do, or even result in damage to other components.


What is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is basically hydraulic fluid that flows through your power steering system allowing you to easily turn your vehicle, even at slower speeds. The system consists of a pump run off a motor via the serpentine belt that pressurizes the fluid that is carried via lines to a power steering gear box, or rack and pinion, which helps create the motions created by your steering wheel. Once the fluid passes through the gear box in returns through another line to the reservoir to start the cycle over again.

The fluid itself is specifically designed to handle the pressures of this function as well as fight against any oxygen and moisture that may enter the system through weather conditions and/or condensation. As is the case with most things mechanical, components will wear and the power steering fluid over time will become contaminated, “dirty” with the rubber and metal particles. This contamination can be of great concern as the system continuously circulates the “dirty” fluid it will result in increase wear and possible failure of the other systems components, like the pump and gear box.

What Does the Power Steering Flush Accomplish?

In the day you would just drain the power steering system and replace the fluid and be on your way. However, you were dependent on Isaac Newton to get the fluid out of the system and that meant that some of those contaminates got to hang around inside the inside the system. Enter the power steering flush. These systems utilize air pressure and cleansing solutions to insure the entire system has not only been drained, but all contaminates are removed. Flushing ensures that all the old contaminated fluid is taken out and if cleansing solutions are utilized can help remove the abrasive wear metals and debris that can be left behind and grind away at seals, valves gears, etc.

Fifth Gear Automotive Power Steering Flush Service

Fifth Gear Automotive has recently added the BG Products Power Steering Flush Service System to our state-of-the-art capabilities. The new system allows our ASE Certified Technicians to quickly and efficiently remove spent power steering fluid while simultaneously cleaning the system and installing new fluid. The new BG Products system also insures that ALL the contaminated fluid is replaced and ALL the destructive debris is removed from the system.

The Fifth Gear Automotive ASE Certified Technicians perform courtesy inspections on all vehicles that come in our shop. If you are having power steering problems or concerns, stop by the shop or set up an appointment today.


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