Your TPMS light came on, what should you do? The main purpose of your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is to warn you when one, or more, of your tires is too low. It is important to note the TPMS light can also inform you of other issues based on the illumination pattern of the warning light.

What is the TPMS?

Inside of each wheel there is a sensor that sends a signal to your warning light to let you know you have an issue. The sensors get power from your car battery but also have a battery built inside of the unit that normally last for six or seven years before needing to be replaced.

My TPMS light is on, but all my tires are all full, what is the problem?

As discussed, this could be an issue with the battery in the unit going bad, or something else. Therefore it is always a good idea to have a professional certified mechanic can run a diagnostic and determine the correct action. Don’t forget, some makes have a TPMS on the spare tire, make sure your spare is not causing the warning light.

My TPMS light goes on and off, what is problem?

Weather conditions also contribute to a TPMS warning light. Tire pressures are at their lowest in the mornings, especially a cold morning, but as it warms up, so does the air in your tires. As a result, a warning sign in the morning can be off by lunch. In any event, it doesn’t hurt to check the pressure in each tire after the warm up and top off if needed.

My TPMS light is flashing, what is the problem?

This normally indicates a malfunction, or failure, of part of TPMS and the sensor is not communicating to your warning light correctly. Again, this failure could be related to the sensor battery or other damage to the system and its components. Typically, it involves one or more of the wheel sensors and will require a professional certified mechanic to inspect, replace and reset your sensor system.

Fifth Gear Automotive can help you with your TPMS Problems

Heading your TPMS warning signs will help you maintain proper inflation of your tires, which in turn will improve tire performance, safety, carrying capabilities, tread life and increase fuel efficiency. Furthermore, tires aren’t cheap, and this light will help you get the most out them, and so will Fifth Gear Automotive.  The Fifth Gear Automotive ASE Certified Technicians perform courtesy inspections on all vehicles that come in our shop. If you are having TPMS warning light issues, stop by the shop or set up an appointment today.


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