On our way to the track the other day, the odometer in our F-350 recorded its 400,000th mile and is still going as strong as ever. It’s well-established that Ford’s 7.3L turbo-diesel V8 is one of the best engines ever fitted to a work truck, and this is yet another testament to that engine’s legendary longevity and reliability.

We want to celebrate this milestone today by featuring not another racer or high-end sports car, but rather the ever-faithful workhorse that is our shop truck. It gets us and everything we ask it to haul to whatever track or distant destination we want to go, and back home again without incident. Normally the track cars and hot rods get all the glory, so today we recognize the truck that works tirelessly behind the scenes day-in and day-out, stoically performing its duty so that we can do all the fun stuff. Thanks big guy.

Here’s to the next 400,000 miles!