As summer fades away, and fall begins, now is the time to schedule AC services for your vehicle before winter arrives. Are you aware that your air conditioner plays a role in your automobile’s defroster? The extreme heat of summer and the cold of winter are extremely hard on its components. To assure the defroster operates optimally when you need it, consider having your car’s AC system inspected, tuned up, and repair provided now before cold weather arrives. Contact our AC specialists today to schedule auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. 

Age and wear will eventually cause problems with the auto AC system. Fall maintenance and inspection helps to assure your comfort and the vehicle’s reliability.

Signs your vehicle’s heating and A/C has a problem:

  • When the A/C blows warm air
  • When the AC provides musty or moldy smelling air
  • When the heater blows cool air, or air that is barely warm
  • The defroster blows cool air and does not work efficiently or at all
  • When the air does not come out of the vents or will only blow on the floor

When you turn on the defroster, the air conditioning compressor removes the humidity in the air before the air is directed to the windshield. Therefore, if the air conditioning is not functioning properly, neither will the defroster.

The air conditioning system should receive inspection and service annually to assure its proper operation. A low refrigerant level can lead to damage of the compressor and other components, resulting in costly repairs. Maintaining the proper amount of refrigerant ensures moving parts and seals are lubricated. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide reliable maintenance, and auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX

Furthermore, a refrigerant leak can quickly cause damage to the AC system. When prompt AC repair is not provided, moisture will make its way into the system, and can cause damage to other components, such as the compressor, leading to costly auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

There are a number of potential reasons for a lack of cold air such as:

  • A refrigerant leak in the AC system
  • A worn compressor, compressor clutch, condenser or evaporator
  • A clogged refrigerant hose or expansion tube
  • A vacuum leak
  • A faulty relay, control module, fuse, solenoid, or switch

A comprehensive inspection of heating and air conditioning systems includes:

  • Inspecting the blower
  • Checking radiator coolant level, hoses, water pump, pressure cap and other components
  • An examination of the compressor belt for signs of wear, such as cracks, a worn surface, or other damage.
  • A cooling system pressure check
  • Inspecting the air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks

Give us a call to schedule a heating and A/C inspection, and/or auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX at Fifth Gear Automotive before the peak of the season. If your car’s air conditioner is not cooling, our certified technicians can provide reliable auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your air conditioner, regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer, providing the reliable, professional AC services that your car requires. In addition, Fifth Gear Automotive professionals provide the automotive repairs, auto service or maintenance your vehicle requires. You can rely on our certified professional’s to resolve your automotive issues. Schedule an appointment today for all of your automotive needs in Lewisville, TX.