A few decades ago, air conditioning systems were considered as luxury items in homes and offices, let alone in cars. However, as we advanced through technology, this amazing invention became cheaper and more available. Today, air conditioning systems are one of the most basic features that can be found in even the cheapest cars available in the market.

The summer season can be quite unforgiving, especially if you live in a hotter region such as Texas. Therefore, driving around in cars can be a bit difficult if you do not have proper air conditioning system inside. To avoid this undeserving torture, you need to get your car’s air conditioner regularly serviced, just as you do with the air conditioner at your home. Simply take your car to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX to get its air conditioning system thoroughly examined.

Even if you get it checked regularly, electromechanical things can go wrong anytime. However, they show some warning signs before breaking completely. Make sure to not ignore these warning signs by the air conditioner in your car in order to avoid inconvenience.

Below are 5 warning signs that might indicate an upcoming problem inside your car’s air conditioning system:

1.   Slow Cooling

Imagine getting inside the sizzling hot interior of the car only to wait ten to twenty minutes before the entire car is cooled down. Modern car air conditioners are powerful enough to cool down the entire cabin within a couple of minutes. Therefore, if your car’s A/C is slowing down its cooling process, then it’s a clear warning sign that something is about to go wrong.

Usually, the slow cooling is caused by a low amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner. The reduced level of refrigerant makes it difficult for the air conditioner to maintain the cooling intensity. There also may be some leaks inside the air conditioning system that you need to get fixed. So, if you notice slow cooling in your car, then it is definitely time to take it to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

2.   Strange Noises

If you turn on the air conditioner in your car and start hearing weird noises coming out of it, then consider it as a warning sign. Sometimes it’s just a minor problem. For instance, some leaves or debris gets stuck in the fan. As the fan moves, the leaves or debris creates noises. However, you need to get it cleaned to get rid of these annoying noises.

Another cause of the weird noise could be a mechanical or electric fault inside the air conditioner. The air conditioner might seem to be working fine, but a faulty compressor or leaked refrigerant can cause such noises. This is a big warning sign that the air conditioner is about to be broken in some time. So before that happens, take your car to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX to get it fixed immediately.

3.   Nasty Odors

Few feelings are worse than getting your small car cabin filled with nasty and unbearable smells. This is one of the major warnings from the air conditioning system of your car. If these smells only occur when you turn on the air conditioner, then it is clear who the culprit is in this case.

Bad smells indicate that there may be mold growth inside the vents of the air conditioners. This can happen if you leave your car stationary for a long period of time. Another cause of nasty odors could be a refrigerant leak, which is quite dangerous for health. A refrigerant can be toxic if inhaled by a person. Therefore, if you sense bad smells coming out of the car’s air conditioner, then you need to immediately turn it off. The next thing you need to do is take it to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

4.   Water Leaking

Air conditioning systems are cooling machines, which means they can produce moisture through the condensation process. This is why every air conditioner is equipped with a proper drainage system in order to get rid of the created moisture. If you notice water leaking from the bottom of your car, then don’t worry as it is the excess moisture created by the air conditioner. However, if the water is leaking inside the car from the vents, then it is clearly a warning sign.

Water leaking from the vents is caused by a clogged drain of the air conditioner. This leakage of water can be really dangerous for the electrical components of the car situated inside the cabin. Therefore, before the leaking water causes any further damage, make sure you get it fixed by taking your car to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

5.   No Cooling At All

There could not be a more obvious warning sign than turning on your air conditioner and finding out that it is not cooling at all. If your air conditioner is acting like a fan, then clearly it’s not doing its job. There are many causes for no cool air coming out of the vents. The most common causes are a low level of refrigerant or no refrigerant at all, leaks in the vents, and faulty compressor. If the air conditioner is not even blowing in the air, then it means that the fan is also broken in some way.

If you notice any of the problems mentioned above, then you need to get it fixed immediately. Take your car to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX to avoid any inconvenience during the sizzling hot summer of Texas.

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