A vehicle’s air conditioner maintains your comfort, and when it breaks
down,scheduling AC service at the first sign of trouble will save you money and
prevent additional discomfort. A refrigerant leak is a common cause of a
vehicle’s air conditioner to fail. While it is common, a potential leak should
never be ignored. Leaking refrigerant can cause damage to occur to the
vehicle’s evaporator and compressor. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive
ASE-certified technicians at the first sign of trouble to schedule an auto
AC repair in Highland Village, TX

For those
with health issues, the lack of a functioning air conditioner in a vehicle
during the heat of the summer can mean life or death for them. Persons who have
heart disease, lung disease, and certain endocrine disorders are at risk when
the AC goes out.  Furthermore,  those on certain medications can be
predisposed to heat intolerance. This can place them at risk when the air
conditioner is unable to provide the cold, dehumidified air they need. Schedule
auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX
today and ensure the safety of yourself or a loved one.

When you
bring your vehicle in for AC trouble, our expert technicians will inspect your
vehicle’s air conditioning system and check for leaks. The AC service provided
by our certified technicians includes, but is not limited to the

      Visual inspection of all air
conditioning components

      Performs the system charge and
control test

      Provides a performance test

      Performs a comprehensive leak
detection test with state of the art equipment

      Provides repair of refrigerant
, evacuation of moisture if necessary and recharges the system

Other AC

The AC
system consists of  a number of
components. Age and wear of components are the primary causes of AC failure.
Over time, rubber seals and hoses will deteriorate, eventually allowing a leak
to occur. With a leak comes the likelihood of moisture entering the AC system.
Moisture and refrigerant create a corrosive acid when mixed, accelerating
damage to components. This is the reason ensuring prompt AC service can save
you money, by preventing further damage. You can rely on our certified
professionals for an accurate diagnosis and reliable auto AC repair in
Highland Village, TX
. Additional common AC problems include:

      Blown fuses can cause the AC to
fail, and are a simple fix if electrical issues are not behind it. You can
change the fuse and restore a functioning AC when a blown fuse is the cause.
Sometimes fuses simply fail, but when fuses repeatedly blow you have an
electrical issue. If you have fuses repeatedly blowing in your AC system,
contact us to schedule service for auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

      A faulty compressor clutch can
cause the AC to blow warm air.

      Over time the compressor will wear
out, resulting in compressor failure. The compressor pressurizes refrigerant
and pumps it through the system, producing the cold air that keeps you
comfortable. A refrigerant leak can quickly result in compressor failure,
typically due to a lack of lubrication for moving parts as the refrigerant
leaks out. However, some compressors feature a safety shutoff, when a leak
occurs the compressor will shut down before damage can set in. Bring your car
in for auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX at the first sign of a

      A clogged expansion valve prevents
refrigerant from reaching the evaporator. With the valve clogged, the
refrigerant can freeze the valve if moisture is present. Our certified
mechanics can provide the auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that
you require.

      The blower fan can eventually
fail, leaving you without cool air even when the AC is working properly. It is
worth checking the fan fuse.

      When the air the AC produces is
growing progressively warmer, a refrigerant leak is a common cause.
However, there can be other causes and only a certified professional can
determine the root of the problem.
Remember, a refrigerant leak can allow moisture to enter the system, and
can cause major damage. Bring your vehicle in for repair as soon as you notice
a problem.

      Stale or musty air conditioning
when you turn on the system fan are a common complaint. The cause is
often a dirty automotive cabin air filter. A Fifth Gear automotive
can your cabin filter if you are unable to do so. A second
potential cause is evaporator mold or bacteria, often due to age or a clogged
air conditioning drain. The water you see underneath your vehicle in the summer
after using the AC, comes from the drain. When clogged, water from the process
of air conditioning is unable to drain, and results in evaporator mold, and a
bad odor. Our certified mechanics will provide the auto AC repair in
Highland Village, TX
you require, and ensure the problem with odor is

remaining on the coil is often the cause of mold on the evaporator coil. You
can help to prevent it by turning the air conditioner off two to five minutes
before shutting off your car.  

      Compressor noise often means the
compressor is failing. However, try to locate the source of the noise, as even
a loose bracket can cause noise.

If your
vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should be, contact
Fifth Gear Automotive for a comprehensive air conditioning inspection to
identify the cause. Our certified technicians have the expertise to
diagnose and provide reliable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX,
regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Fifth Gear Automotive provides the auto AC
repair in Highland Village, TX,
and other
automotive repair and maintenance services that you require. Drop
by or schedule an appointment today before summer is in full swing for all of
your automotive needs in Highland Village, TX.