Luxury Import Service

You take care of your luxury import by ensuring it is immaculate, checking the fluid levels weekly, and park it away from the hub of traffic at the mall. When it is time for maintenance or repair, you are likely just as particular, and you don’t want just any mechanic working on it. You want the best for your car, after all you have a sizable investment in it. Fifth Gear Automotive offers independently owned and operated auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX with certified mechanics possessing the knowledge, skill and experience to properly care for your cherished import.

When repair is provided, you want to receive factory replacement parts. Performance and reliability are likely one of the reasons you love your luxury import. Fortunately, you do not have to rely on a dealership to receive all warranty services or factory manufactured parts. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the reliable service you deserve. When you schedule service or repair in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX, you can count on receiving the highest quality services available. At Fifth Gear, we know the key to success is to earn your repeat business with superior service for your vehicle each and every time.

Maintenance is Essential

Maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer is the key to vehicle safety, reliable performance and a long service life.  In addition, with summer just around the corner,  you will want to ensure the vehicle’s air conditioner is cooling efficiently.   Proper care and routine maintenance can ensure the engine does not overheat. Our mechanics will provide a comprehensive inspection in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX ensuring your air conditioner will maintain your comfort this summer.

In addition, summer temperatures are hard on the engine’s cooling system. Fifth Gear’s engine cooling system inspection checks for cracks and leaks of radiator hoses, the radiator, water pump, belts and the engine block. The service includes ensuring proper thermostat and fan operation, and checking coolant levels to name a few. When you need auto repair, schedule service or bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX for service you can rely on.

Brake noise or issues with brakes should never be ignored. Sounds to listen for include squeaks, rubbing, grinding, chatter or grabbing. If you notice any of these signs bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX for a brake inspection and repair.

Additional signs of brake trouble can be the need to add brake fluid more often than is normal; and when the brakes feel soft, with the pedal traveling further to the floor than usual. Brake trouble should always be addressed promptly, these signs indicate brake service is needed immediately.  Schedule professional brake service today in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Tire inflation is an additional factor affected by temperature. Tires expand and contract with temperature variations. Properly inflated tires will improve fuel economy, and prevent unnecessary wear.  A blown tire can result in an accident, and is why you will want to check them routinely and maintain the proper air pressure. The time of day, the season and whether or not the vehicle has been driven alters the pressure. This means to receive an accurate tire pressure, check tire pressure in the morning before you drive the vehicle.

Generally,  tire pressure will lose or gain 1 PSI for every 10° F change in temperature. In other words, if the temperature rises 20° during the day, the tire pressure will increase by 2 PSI. Checking the tire pressure in the afternoon means the tire may be running with low pressure in the mornings.

The proper tire pressure is recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer, not the pressure specified on the tire. The “MAX” tire pressure specified on the tires sidewall is the maximum cold temperature pressure. By afternoon, the tire pressure is likely to exceed this. However, it is not the bursting point. As stated, the sidewall recommendation is for cold tire pressure only. Tire manufacturer’s engineer them to tolerate the fluctuation in pressure due to temperature variations and after being driven. Follow your vehicle’s manufacturers recommendation, and check the pressure in the morning before driving, at least monthly and ideally each week.

Finally, do not run tires under-inflated or over-inflated. Regardless of the season, maintain the proper tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Under-inflation causes tires to lose their shape and traction. They will also wear unevenly, and reduce fuel economy. Furthermore, under-inflated tires significantly increase the risk of hydroplaning.

Over-inflated tires are rigid and inflexible, causing them to be vulnerable to damage from road debris and potholes. In addition, over-inflation causes a rougher ride.  Passenger vehicles should adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Improper inflation can also lead to excessive wear on the tires and in the vehicle’s suspension. This can result in the need for auto repair prematurely. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the automotive services you need in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers a wide range of automotive services in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX. Do not allow a lack of maintenance to leave you sitting waiting for a tow, or even worse cause an accident. Remember, routine maintenance determines the life of your car, and often the cost of repairs. For example, ignoring brake noise can mean a loss of braking function due to worn out pads or shoes. It can also mean damage to the rotors, requiring the extra expense of turning them or even replacing them. Automotive repairs are often like this, ignoring them ends up costing you more. In the end, providing the required maintenance offers the best performance, reliability, safety, fuel efficiency and peace of mind. Give us a call, or bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.