AC Tips

It is officially spring, and already hot days are present
and the air conditioner needed, especially on the road. A functional air
conditioner in your vehicle is essential for your comfort. Excessive heat can
affect any driver by causing fatigue, and a reduction in concentration.
Furthermore, for those with heart and respiratory conditions, the heat can be
outright dangerous. When your vehicle’s AC is not performing as it should, or
not at all, bring your car in to Fifth Gear Automotive for reliable auto
AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

High outdoor temperatures are hard on cars, and operating
the air conditioning adds to the stress on the cooling system, belts, hoses,
and more. A properly operating air conditioner will not only provide for your
comfort, but will cause less work and wear on the vehicle’s systems.

Providing pre-summer maintenance and inspection of your
vehicle, including inspection of the air conditioning system and providing auto
AC repair in Lewisville, TX
when required, helps to ensure your vehicle can
withstand the heat. Fifth Gear ASE certified technicians will provide
automotive service you can rely on.

When the refrigerant levels are low, whether due to a leak
or improper charging, the air conditioning will not cool properly if at all.
When your vehicles AC is blowing warm air, or does not seem to be as
cold as it previously was, schedule auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX with
Fifth Gear Automotive.

In addition, although many people do so, it is not
advisable to add refrigerant yourself. When air and moisture have invaded the
air conditioning system, adding refrigerant does nothing to remove them.  This can lead to mold and the eventual
failure of the air conditioning system. Fifth Gear mechanics will test for the
presence of air and moisture in the system, evacuate it after providing auto
AC leak repair
, and recharge the system. This will provide the longest
performance and lifespan for the AC system, and ensures your comfort. Our
mechanics can provide the expert auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX that
you can trust.

Tips to Assist the AC and Your Vehicle

Avoid driving during the worst heat of the day if
possible. This will reduce the stress the heat can cause on the vehicle’s vital
systems. Of course, this is not always possible, and a well maintained vehicle
and AC system is the best defense against problems.

Routinely check the oil level and change it
routinely as the manufacturer recommends. Adequate lubrication will prevent
unnecessary wear on the engine. In addition, if you place mileage on the
vehicle quickly, during the summer months the oil may require more frequent
changing. Talk to your mechanic to see if frequent changes apply to your car
during the summer.

Extremes in temperature are hard on the battery,
low temps in the winter, and high temperatures in the summer. In addition, a
weakening and failing battery affects the air conditioner’s performance. Don’t
risk a dead battery and no air conditioning in heavy traffic. Visit Fifth Gear
Automotive today for a battery check and AC service. Routine service can
prevent broken AC, and reduces the amount of auto AC repair in Lewisville,

An automobile requires routine
maintenance, including checking the air filter and changing it when
required.  A clogged air filter will
overwork the engine, resulting in reduced performance, gas mileage and causing
unnecessary wear on the engine. A clean air filter also helps the air
conditioning to function more efficiently.

Musty air conditioning odors can
be due to a number of problems. First, it is common for the vehicle’s cabin air
filter to be overlooked. A new cabin filter may take care of the musty odors in
your car. Smokers should change the cabin filter more often, and routinely
clean the carpet, upholstery and headliner to help control odor.

Mold contamination of the air conditioning
coil, and a stopped up drainage tube is also a potential cause.
certified mechanics can inspect the system, identify the problem and
provide a solution. You can rely on Fifth Gear’s auto AC repair in
Lewisville, TX.
You have probably noticed the puddle of water under your
vehicle during the summer that is not related to the radiator. This is the
discharge from your vehicles AC, due to the process of cooling. If you note a
lack of this water beneath your car, it is wise to have the drainage tube
checked by a mechanic.

When your vehicle is in need of auto AC repair in
Lewisville, TX,
waiting to provide the service can result in additional
repairs being required. A common example of putting off repair to the AC system
is with a refrigerant leak. When delayed, the leak can allow air and moisture
to enter the system. This may result in the need for a new dryer, or may even
result in the need for a new air conditioning compressor. Scheduling service
before additional problems develop will save you money in the end.

Why Refrigerant Leaks Occur

A common cause of refrigerant leaks is age. Over time
rubber hoses and seals will deteriorate, resulting in leaks. Unfortunately,
leaks not only allow refrigerant to escape the system, a leak can allow air and
moisture to enter into the system, resulting in further damage due to moisture
which mixes with the refrigerant and forms a corrosive acid. In addition,
multiple components that are responsible for removing moisture can become overwhelmed,
and will stop functioning. Providing auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX
early on is the cost effective solution and may prevent the need to replace the
costly compressor, as well as other components.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers certified ASE technicians
with the highest rated expertise. In addition, we offer the latest technology
for efficient repair and diagnostics for your vehicle’s auto AC repair in
Lewisville, TX
, and other car care.