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Auto repair is always a tricky job. Many car drivers do not understand their car problems and must rely on the advice of an auto repair professional. The case is similar when it comes to auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Today, auto repair jobs are not as simple as they used to be in the past. Automobiles are much more advanced, and identifying problems is complex. It requires advanced gadgets and technically sound repair professionals. At the same time, auto parts have become more advanced and costly.

An automobile owner must focus on a few things to ensure that the car is working efficiently and does not break down in crucial times. These include:

  • Regular maintenance.
  • Keeping an eye on the screen and meters (for temperature and fuel) in the car while driving.
  • Not dragging an issue with the car for too long.

No matter how cautious you are or how regularly you maintain your automobile, you will need auto repair at some point in your life. You need to watch out for the following factors when considering auto repair in Highland Village, TX.


The cost of living has increased greatly today. There is always a shortage of cash flow for unexpected expenses like auto repair. If you are considering giving your car to a service that provides auto repair in Highland Village, TX, you should go for a cost-effective, reliable auto repair workshop.


Price is always one of the main factors while choosing a professional service for auto repair in Highland Village, TX, but with price, the quality of service should also be a primary concern. For example, a body wash to a customer means a simple car treatment on the surface of the car, but for a workshop, it can mean a lot more. A body wash includes a tire wash as well. Therefore, while choosing, you should look at the details and the differences in the quality of service provided by the auto repair workshop.


This is one of the most important factors while choosing a workshop for auto repair in Highland Village, TX. Spending years at a workshop can give you knowledge about the repair need associated with a certain car.

It is always a good idea to check the years of experience of service providers on the company website. More experience means that the workshop has performed numerous repairs on multiple models and your car is in safe hands.  However, along with experience, you should also get information about the workshop’s reliance on new equipment to handle repair needs.

Use of Equipment

Today, cars have become more advanced, and even an experienced mechanic can find the wrong fault without the use of the right equipment. Be it routine maintenance or an unexpected auto repair situation, try to have a sneak peek at the employees. A general way of looking at it is to find young people at the workshop.

Young professionals have the same qualification but are more aware of the use of new gadgets to check for faults in the vehicle. So when choosing a workshop for auto repair in Highland Village, TX, do not only focus on the experience of the employees but also on how well versed they are with the use of new equipment and gadgets.

Dealers vs. Workshops

Another factor while choosing a service for auto repair in Highland Village, TX, is to compare the benefits against the amount of money charged. Basically, you evaluate whether the repair services provided by the dealer are better when compared to that of the workshops’. Simply evaluate whose package is better. Is it the dealer or a private workshop?

Dealers are generally more expensive, but they have the company name behind them, and that makes them more reliable. A private workshop will be cheaper 9 out of 10 times and is also reliable. Check whether the workshop is using genuine parts. Other things to check are:

  • Is the workshop identifying the exact fault?
  • Does it carry the same amount of experience and knowledge of a specific brand and model of the car compared to the dealer?


If your odds are in favor of the dealer then you should go for it. Otherwise, auto repair workshops are your safe space.

Customer Satisfaction

Today, customer satisfaction is a must in any industry. A happy customer is a retained customer. Workshops know this and hence, try to do their very best to make sure that their customers are satisfied. However, not all workshops think this way. When looking for a professional service that specializes in auto repair in Highland Village, TX, make sure to read their reviews online. This will give you an idea of how much they prioritize their customer service. If they have mostly poor reviews, give them a pass.

CSR and Environmental Issues

Customers today are more knowledgeable than ever. They know about the repercussions of their actions and are aware of how every decision can have an effect on the environment. While choosing workshops for auto repair in Highland Village, TX, you should make sure that the workshop is not polluting the environment by using hazardous and carcinogenic chemicals and detergents. Azo free chemicals and non-hazardous detergents are expensive, but workshops should educate customers so that everyone can contribute to helping our environment and making our lives better.


When it comes to auto repair in Highland Village, TX, Fifth Gear Automotive is the right choice. With 15 years of experience, we deal with the regular maintenance and emergency repair services of all types of car. Regardless of the make of your car, our team knows how to fix it with one simple goal in mind – complete customer satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, call now on 972-317-4005.