For most people, their car is an essential part of their life that they use almost every day. It’s not up for debate whether your car should be repaired every so often so that it stays in good shape. It’s not something that you can avoid, yet so many people do so until it’s too late. Thisis something that Fifth Gear Automotive understands, so they fix your car and give it a full examination so that you can stay worryfree for as long as possible.

The car is a machine much like your smartphone and your toaster. However, it takes a lot more punishment than either of those machines; hence it needs more tune-ups and more servicing than either of those too. This means that it needs to go for Auto Repair in Lantana, TX more often. Fifth Gear automotive offers great preventative maintenance and full-service automotive repairs on every make and model available today. Their certified mechanics have years of experience in every conceivable area of auto repair that you could think of including oil changes, brake repair, engine lighting and computer diagnostics as well.

Transmission Service and Repair

Transmission is a word in Auto Repair in Lantana, TX that doesn’t exactly make the car owner feel comfortable. It’s mysterious and often misunderstood by those who own cars and those who profess to know everything there is to know about their owncar. However, it’s the part of the car that is the least known about. There isn’t anything to be afraid of though, because regular transmission servicing and a few tune ups here and there pretty much ensure that you get many years of reliable performance from your car.

The automatic transmission is a great invention, and the entire system of gear and hydraulics as well as the oil and the computer controlling it allows the car to change gears automatically. The parts of the automatic transmission are very complex and expensive to replace, so in order to keep from having to spend thousands for extensive repairs; Fifth gear automotive provides you with great deals on preventive maintenance. Their Auto Repair in Lantana, TX is the best in the region andso they also offer the best advice for you to save money.

One very important thing you can do to service your transmission is to keep the fluid clean and full. The fluid provides the necessary lubrication for the gears of your transmissions to work smoothly and seamlessly. It’s like you’re giving it a software update or a patch so that it doesn’t tire out or stop working at optimum efficiency. If you do this, then your transmission’s lifespan will increase, and the contaminants and fine particles that may have irked your car’s performance will be trapped by the fluid. Hence, regularly replacing the transmission fluid is a great way to keep your engine in tip-topshape. Auto Repair in Lantana, TX, takes care of this as a priority.

The manual transmission is a different story. It requires the same regular fluid changes and even some filter changes for great performance. Keeping an eye out for leaks is also necessary since that will most certainly lead to contamination and long termdamage to your car.


As part of Fifth Gear Automotives great Auto Repair in Lantana, TX they also offer brake repair and servicing. When something appears in front of your car, you need good brakes in order toprevent an accident and to prevent the lawsuit, whichever one is worse in your opinion. Thiscould be a road hazard such as an open manhole or a felled tree, or it could be someone irresponsibly crossing the street or a child mistakenly wandering into traffic. All of these things can be potential accidents waiting to happen andyou need to have a great brake system in order to prevent them.

Routine brake service is hence, really important to maintain a safe vehicle. From fifth gear automotive, this is a no brainer in Auto Repair in Lantana, TX. They monitor the condition of the brake fluid, the pads, the calipers and the rotors to keep them within safe operational limits. Due to this routine maintenance, the small problems that pop up every once in a while are taken care of, and the major damage to your car that could’ve happened due to neglect is prevented.

Computer Diagnostics

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that the average cost of electronic systems in motor vehicles has increased from $110 in 1971 to $1800 in 2001. The ever-increasing amount of electronics in cars has led to the need for computer diagnostics to become a vital part of Auto Repair in Lantana, TX. It can’t be done without. Computers play a huge role in the advancement of cars and car safety.

They also have drawbacks since the complex computer systems can be challenging to understand. Without the proper experience and equipment, they can be a major headache. Most mechanics in Auto Repair in Lantana, TXrun into major problems when they perform computer diagnostics. However, the technicians at Fifth Gear Automotive don’t take your trust for granted. With over a century of cumulative experience, they truly know their stuff. They know that things are constantly changing so they keep on learning in order to stay on top

The result is that you get the best repairs for your car the first time, saving time and money in the process.

The computer systems in question contain a lot of valuable information regarding the health of the engine components, so in the hands of the right mechanic, they can make the repair process much faster.

This way, the technicians at Fifth Gear Automotive get it all out of your vehicle and give the best back to your vehicle as well.

If you want the best Auto Repair in Lantana, TX, you should look no further than Fifth Gear Automotive.