Schools Out!

Schools out and it’s that time of year when we get to head out on the highways for those annual summer trips, vacations, family reunions, etc. Learn to avoid the problems that can cause breakdowns during the summer and keep you and your cargo safe.

Breakdowns are everyone’s worst fear when heading out for a road trip and it is important to understand that if your vehicle is 10 years or older, it is twice as likely to have problems. AAA reported last year that 81% of all tows last year were for cars 10 years or older and that 2 of 3 calls they receive for roadside assistance is for that same group of 10 year or older cars.

What is happening to these cars?

Summer breakdowns tend to fall into three categories:

Tires–tire damage can happen anytime, but there is a special stress that goes with having those problems when you are not on your home turf

Engine Cooling—water pumps, timing belts, radiators and thermostats can all succumb to the stresses of a road trip in an unfamiliar climate or terrain.

Electrical Problems—this can be as simple as a battery or can spread to more serious components like a starter or alternator.

What Can I Do?

Reduce your odds of having one of these stressful breakdowns by inspecting several key components on your vehicle, or better yet, have Fifth Gear Automotive do the inspection for you before you head out in the family Truckster.

Check Your Tires—If you are one of the lucky few that still owns a tire pressure gauge, check that pressure to insure it is at the recommended PSI listed on the tire. Also check the tread depth and keep an eye out for uneven wear, bulges or cracks. Fixing any of these problems can minimize possible breakdowns and improve gas mileage, so you will have more cash to spend on Pecan Log Rolls.

Check Your Engine—Small problems can turn into big ones during a road trip. Visually inspect your engine to look for warning signs like cracking hoses or belts, dirty, or clogged filters, and the for sure any fluids that may be leaking. This is one area where a professional, like Fifth Gear Automotive, can really help. We have the right tools and the certified technicians that know how to get the job done right the first time.

Check Your Battery—Do you remember when you bought it, check the date install on the battery and know if it is over three years old, it might be time for a new one. Have a professional, like Fifth Gear Automotive, test that battery and the entire electrical system to insure you are good to go.

Check Your Fluid Level—If it looks wet, check it out!  This should include your oil, coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering. You are looking to make sure levels are topped off and the fluids are clean, dirty fluids can mean its time for a change. And check your coolant to insure it can handle the climate you are in and headed for.

Check Your Lights & Wipers—Chances are you will be traveling at night and in the rain, make sure all your lights and wipers are working properly.

Fifth Gear Automotive Can Help

Fifth Gear Automotive is all about the health of you and your vehicle over the summer. Our ASE Certified Mechanics perform a thorough inspection of all the items listed above on your vehicle with each visit to insure it is performing at its best. If you are thinking something might be wrong after your own inspection, or just want to make sure the family wagon will be safe, call or go online to schedule an inspection today at the link below:

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