Smelly Auto AC | Auto AC Repair Lewisville, TX

No one enjoys the A/C when it smells bad. Furthermore, AC odors are not normal, and typically indicate a problem with the air conditioning system. The following are common problems often behind a smelly auto AC and how to take care of them. Some of the causes of odor you can take care of yourself, while others will require professional service. Fifth Gear Automotive’s trained and certified auto technicians can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX that you need.

Mold and Bacteria

The growth of mold or bacteria on the evaporator coil is common. As the car becomes older, bacteria, mold, fungi, and microorganisms can grow, and causes an unpleasant musty odor, even when you do not use the air conditioner.

One potential cause of a smelly evaporator is a stopped up drain tube, allowing water to build up. To correct this problem, locate the drain tube in your A/C unit, and ensure it is open to allow water to drain. While anti-bacterial treatments are available, DIY treatment may not effectively clean all of the required areas, especially in the air vents. Furthermore, evaporator coils are often difficult to reach. Fifth Gear Automotive’s trained technicians can take care of the problems behind smelly air conditioning with auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

Gas Leak

If you smell gas when you use the air conditioner, your car may have a gas leak. As fresh air enters, the gas odor enters the system with it to mix with the cabin air when the AC operates. Repair of a gas leak requires the services of a certified mechanic to ensure your safety.

Exhaust Leak

Check the exhaust pipes and muffler for any holes that can cause exhaust leaks. The exhaust of any burned fossil fuels, including gasoline and diesel, contains carbon monoxide. If you smell exhaust inside your vehicle, roll the windows all the way down and take it to a garage for repair, or have it towed in.

Carbon monoxide is potentially deadly and can quickly overcome you and your family quickly. Carbon monoxide itself is odorless and tasteless, though it is possible to smell other components of the exhaust. This is not always the case; numerous persons riding in the bed of trucks with a closed camper have become a victim to carbon monoxide leaks in the exhaust system.

Dirty Cabin Air Filters

Newer cars and some older ones have interior cabin air filters. If not cleaned properly and routinely, the filter collects dust, and other contaminates. This can result in a bad odor each time you turn on the air conditioner. Replacement with a new automotive cabin air filter and periodic cleaning will prevent this source of odor. Most cabin filters are accessible under the dash, though a few are difficult to reach. If your vehicle’s cabin filters are out of reach, a Fifth Gear automotive technician can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX of changing it for you.

Your owner’s manual should identify the location of cabin filter(s) if present. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX of changing the dirty cabin air filter.


Antifreeze has a distinct odor, and when you smell it, you should have your car checked. This smell is the result of a leak in the cooling system. The leak may be coming from the heater core, pipe or hose, water pump or the radiator.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is difficult to remove from your car’s interior as well as the AC vents. You can remove most of the tobacco smell by changing the cabin filters, shampooing the carpets, the upholstery and the headliner using an enzyme based cleaning product. However, you should have a professional to clean leather. Vents are more difficult to clean, and if you are going to try one of the products available ensure to use one with enzymes. A Fifth Gear mechanic can provide professional auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX for the best clean possible.

Professional Cleaning

Although it is seldom required, an experienced mechanic can eliminate the odor due to a moldy evaporator coil with the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX of replacing it, the condenser, drain pan, and other affected components of the vehicle’s AC system. Professional cleaning is typically adequate for removing AC odors due to a contaminated coil. Fifth Gear Automotive’s experienced technicians can provide the comprehensive cleaning or other auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX that your vehicle needs.

Tips to Prevent AC Odor

Once the evaporator coil is clean and the odor eliminated, the following tips will help to ensure the evaporator stays odor free.

Shut the A/C off 2 – 5 minutes before you shut off your vehicle, but leave the fan on to dry the system out. You do not have to sit in the garage waiting. If the local KFC is at least 2 minutes from your home, develop the habit of shutting off cooling, but leaving the fan to run.

Fifth Gear Automotive certified technicians provide expert auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Our dedicated professionals provide bumper-to-bumper repair and maintenance services that you can rely on. If your car has an odor, or you have smelly auto AC, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.