What is a Suspension System?

To understand it simply, a suspension system is a bridge that connects a car’s body to the wheels. A car cannot move without a proper suspension system. The suspension system comprises of wheels, tires, shock absorbers, springs, and every other part that forms a connection between the car body and the tires.

Cars differ because of the suspension system. In sports cars, a hard suspension makes it go quickly around the corner. Similarly, in a road car, a softer suspension provides you with a comfortable ride. It is the only car that takes the most beating and wears out quickly if you don’t take proper care of it.

Fundamental Parts of a Suspension System
Below are some of the most important parts of the suspension system:

Dampers/Shock Absorbers
Roll Bars/Anti-sway

6 Warning Signs That Might Indicate a Suspension System Problem in Your Car:
1. Car Dips Forward Whenever You Brake
2. Car Dips on One Corner
3. When driving, the Car is Pulled to One Side
4. The car is “Drifting” While Taking Corners
5. Constant Bouncing
6. Oily Shocks and Struts

It is necessary to keep inspecting your car regularly in order to spot any damage. If you suspect that something is wrong with the suspension then visually examine the suspension system. If you notice that your dampers and struts are more oily than usual, then there might be an oil leak from the system. The best thing to do is to replace them.

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