5 Reasons for Your Check Engine Light

The fuel Cap is Loose

In addition to keeping gas fumes from escaping your fuel tank, the fuel cap also ensures that the fuel system is under the proper level of pressure. After filling up, if you notice the light has turned on, pull over somewhere secure and make sure the cap is properly fastened.

Faulty Sensors

The correct amount of air and fuel is given to the cylinders via your oxygen sensor. A malfunctioning oxygen sensor causes the engine to use more fuel and, if uncontrolled, can harm the catalytic converter and spark plugs. Together with your oxygen sensor, your mass airflow sensor (MAS) monitors how much air enters the engine, which is especially important if you reside or travel at various altitudes. Discover that your car stalls or that your gas mileage have significantly decreased. Perhaps it’s your MAS.

Catalytic Converter Failure

The catalytic converter, which is a component of your exhaust system, transforms carbon monoxide produced by your engine’s combustion into carbon dioxide. Your exhaust system may emit strange noises or strange-colored smoke if it becomes clogged.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

The nitrogen oxide that leaves your car is reduced by the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. It improves and increases the efficiency of fuel combustion in your car by rerouting the gas back into the combustion chamber, which also lowers exhaust system emissions.

Spark Plug Issues

The malfunctioning oxygen sensor might damage the spark plugs, but it can also produce problems on its own. You can hear an engine misfire or experience hesitation when you press the gas pedal if your plugs are worn out, or bad, or the associated coils are damaged. Your car can possibly abruptly switch off as a result of them! When the wires that transport electricity between the coil and the plug break, problems may arise.


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