Exhaust Service

The automotive exhaust system is more complex than most drivers realize. While it does contain exhaust pipe and a muffler as most people expect. The system also contains a catalytic converter, sophisticated computers and sensors. A properly operating exhaust system is not only better for the environment, it is essential to your safety and health. A faulty or damaged exhaust system can be deadly. This is one reason why annual maintenance is recommended for your vehicle. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of your maintenance in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

The exhausting of hot and deadly gases from the process of combustion in your vehicle’s engine begins in the exhaust manifold, attached to the engine. The exhaust manifold directs the gases into the exhaust pipes. From the pipes the gases are directed through the catalytic converter where much of the gases are converted, reducing the dangerous emissions as they are exhausted. You would not want to breathe the exhaust, as the gases are reduced but not fully eliminated. This is the reason why it is recommended you raise the garage door, before starting your car.

The Dangers

One of the gases produced by combustion in the automotive engine is carbon monoxide. The gas is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Inhaling the gas can cause headaches, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, drowsiness and potentially death.

The exhaust system uses gaskets to prevent this gas, and other exhaust gases from entering the passenger compartment. These connections should be inspected during the annual maintenance visit at your local auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

In addition, the exhaust pipes can be damaged or deteriorate over time, allowing the dangerous exhaust gases to leak into the passenger compartment. Exhaust pipes can be broken or otherwise damaged and should also be inspected regularly by a qualified mechanic. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the inspection and services you require in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

The  catalytic converter does not require maintenance. However, it will wear out over time. If you fail an emissions inspection because of a faulty catalytic converter, or if you know it is failing, you need to replace it. Our mechanics can provide the service in our  auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

The muffler reduces the noise from the engine. You can upgrade mufflers for an even quieter running automobile, or a muffler that provides your vehicle with a deep rumble. Fifth Gear Automotive offers this service and a broad range of automotive services you can rely on. We do it right the first time. Bring your vehicle in to our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Mufflers can also rust with time or be damaged by road debris. While mufflers reduce engine noise or alter its sound does not mean you can ignore a faulty muffler.  You can get a traffic ticket for excessive noise, and they can affect the engine’s ability to exhaust properly.

The exhaust system also contains one or more oxygen sensors. The sensor monitors the oxygen content of the exhaust, enabling the adjustment of the fuel-to-air ratio in the engine. Proper fuel-to-air keeps the engine running smoothly and helps to maintain better gas mileage. Fifth Gear Automotive offers ASE certified mechanics for all your automotive needs.

The exhaust system is mounted on the vehicle with clamps and hangers. They can come loose over time, or be loosened, damaged or rust. The clamps and hangers keep the hot components of the exhaust system from touching other components of the vehicle. If they are not routinely inspected and loosen or are damaged, your vehicle can receive damage due to the heat, such as wiring damage, hoses and critical lines.

Call Fifth Gear Automotive today, to schedule an inspection of your vehicle’s exhaust system, or for annual maintenance service in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX. High-tech computer controlled emissions are now a component of general service in most quality automotive garages. Your owner’s manual will identify the recommended frequency.  

The Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on, have your vehicle checked out in Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX. Potential signs of exhaust or emissions problems include difficulty starting, rough running, excessive noise and smoking. Our automotive technicians can provide the repair and service your vehicle requires, with service you can rely on.

Remember, an exhaust system with problems can be a danger to you and your passengers. If your exhaust system has not been inspected for some time, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule service. We will take care of your automotive needs in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX with the experience and expertise you can trust. We take pride in providing excellent automotive services for luxury cars, domestic and import vehicles, and excellent customer service. We believe satisfied customers are repeat customers, and are the result of top service and business conducted with integrity.