With fall already upon us with warm days and cool nights, moisture on the windshield can be a more frequent problem. If you have been experiencing problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning, you may have noticed the defroster doesn’t appear to be as effective. This is because the compressor is essential not only for air conditioning, but also for the windshield defroster. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Defrosting the Windshield

The air that is supplied to your car’s interior, whether it is air conditioning or through the defroster, is dehumidified by the air conditioning compressor before being directed to the interior, or to the windshield. As a result, if the air conditioner is not functioning properly, neither will the windshield defroster.

Providing a professional annual inspection of the  auto AC system will help to ensure its proper function and reliability. It can also provide the opportunity to identify developing problems, enabling  auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX to be provided, potentially before additional issues occur. Air conditioning problems can cause a domino effect, resulting in additional repairs and cost. This is the reason prompt attention by a professional is recommended with the first sign of trouble.

There are a number of potential causes for a non-functioning AC or defroster, including:

  • A refrigerant leak
  • Worn or faulty AC components
  • A clogged refrigerant hose or expansion tube
  • A blown fuse
  • A vacuum leak

Blown Fuse

A fuse protects an electrical circuit by shutting off the supply of electricity to the circuit when an excess of electricity flows through it. For example, if the insulation is damaged on a wire and the wire contacts metal, thereby grounding out, the fuse will shut down the electrical supply to the affected circuit. Sometimes a faulty fuse will simply blow. This is why replacing the fuse is the accepted choice. If the replacement fuse blows, an electrical issue is indicated. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive for diagnosis and repair.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is a common problem when a vehicle’s air conditioner and defroster fails. Our ASE certified mechanics will provide the auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that you need.

Age and Wear

Over time, age and wear can affect the performance of the auto AC system, and can result in mechanical problems. Scheduling fall AC service will ensure your comfort and that your defroster will function when you need it.

Other signs can indicate the need for auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX, including:

  • When the AC is blowing warm air.
  • While musty or moldy smelling air coming from the vents can indicate the need for a new cabin air filter, it can also mean mold in the AC system.
  • When the defroster fails to clear the windshield.

Why AC Repair is Important

Annual inspection and service on the air conditioner helps to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle’s air conditioner, and the defrost function. A Fifth Gear expert providing AC service can identify any refrigerant leak, which can lead to damage of the compressor and other components if prompt repair is not provided. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the AC service, and auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that you need.

A refrigerant leak allows moisture to enter the air conditioning system, and can result in damage to other components, including the compressor. This is why the prompt repair of your auto air conditioning is necessary when you first notice a problem. Otherwise the cost of auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX will be more.


A comprehensive inspection of the air conditioning system includes:

  • Inspecting the blower and testing performance
  • Checking radiator coolant level, hoses, water pump, pressure cap and other components that may affect the air conditioning system
  • Inspection of the compressor belt for signs of damage, and wear
  • A pressure check for the air conditioning system
  • Inspection and testing for refrigerant leaks

In order to ensure your defroster will perform properly this winter, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule AC service and auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX, when required. Our automotive technicians are trained and certified mechanics, providing air conditioning service, for all vehicle manufacturers.

When your car’s air conditioner or windshield defroster is not working properly, you need a prompt solution. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide reliable AC repair in Highland Village, TX for your vehicle. In addition, our professional mechanics offer a wide range of automotive services with the expertise you can trust each and every time. Remember, waiting to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX can result in damage to other AC system components, including the heart of the system, the compressor. Scheduling prompt service with the first signs of trouble may save you money and time. Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics will ensure you receive a reliable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX and other professional automotive services.