Transmission Service and Repair

At some point, every BMW vehicle will require repair.  For BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX,  contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule professional automotive services. Our BMW experts provide exceptional auto services using state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment at our Lewisville, TX shop.

Transmission care is often overlooked since it doesn’t require service as frequent as other components.  You can prolong the transmission service life with proper care and attention. The following tips provide the basics:

Transmission Fluid Level

The fluid in an automatic transmission acts as a coolant for the transmission, lubricates its internal parts, and provides the hydraulic pressure required for you to shift gears. Checking the fluid level before and after long trips, and routinely each week ensures excessive wear and/or damage will not occur.

While it is not required very often, the transmission fluid will need to be changed periodically throughout your car’s lifespan. A Fifth Gear ASE certified mechanic can provide the periodic inspection and transmission maintenance your BMW requires. You can rely on us for quality services and expertise for your service and BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Monitor for Transmission Fluid Leaks

Make it a habit to check underneath your vehicle routinely for any transmission fluid leaks. You can expect to see condensation on the pavement when using the air conditioning, but no other fluids should be present. Bring your BMW into Fifth Gear Automotive for BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX if you should spot other fluid leaks. When checking fluid levels, a consistent need to add fluid indicates a leak is present, and repair required.

Fluid Temperatures

When possible, allow the transmission fluid to warm up before driving. This is especially important in the winter. Cold fluids do not lubricate components as well as once they have warmed up a bit.

Cooling System

When your vehicle’s cooling system runs hot, it can affect not only the engine, but also the transmission. If your vehicle is experiencing problems with cooling, bring it in for BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX before damage to either major component can occur.

Drive-train Effects

Your drive-train includes the engine and transmission. Periodic inspection and routine maintenance will help to ensure your BMW lasts a long time. A properly running engine reduces stress on the transmission and maintains proper performance, fuel mileage and reliability. When you schedule annual maintenance of your BMW with Fifth Gear specialists, we will ensure your vehicle provides top performance.

Transmission Cooler

For those who live in a hot environment and a lot of stop and go traffic, a transmission cooler helps to maintain a lower temperature for the transmission, and prevents potential problems with overheating. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the maintenance, installation or BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX that you require. Taking care of your transmission prolongs its service life, and saves you money in the end.

Transmission Problems

The longer you drive with a transmission problem, the worse it is going to become. Never ignore the signs of transmission issues, because the longer you wait the more the cost of repair will be. Signs indicating the need for the prompt service  of your BMW’s transmission include:

  • Shifting problems – If  the gears do not shift smoothly, or you hear a grinding noise and it refuses to shift at all, then you probably have a transmission problem. Check your transmission fluid and bring your car into Fifth Gear Automotive for BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • Gears slipping -: If the transmission is jumping out of gears, or you notice a delay in acceleration, you probably have a transmission problem. The slipping of gears can be dangerous. Do not delay repairs, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today for prompt service and repair.
  • Clutch drag – A dragging clutch occurs when the clutch disc fails to disengage from the flywheel as you push the clutch in for a gear change. The grinding noise that occurs is unmistakable. It often is a minor repair, but can indicate the need for BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • Overheating – When the transmission fluid overheats, lubrication is lost and excessive wear and tear may occur in the transmission. Heavy towing and stop and go traffic during high outdoor temperatures is likely causes. Check the fluid level as stated prior. If the level is consistently low there is probably a leak. In addition, check the mileage and your owner’s manual for the recommended transmission fluid change. Our mechanics can provide you with a solution and any required repair for your BMW.
  • Clunking and Whining Noise – When your transmission is making noise, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for service and/or BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX. These noises can indicate a number of potential issues, from needing a fluid change, a bad sensor, worn parts, to loose transmission or motor mounts and other causes. A professional diagnosis and repair by a qualified professional from Fifth Gear Automotive will soon have you on the road again.

Become familiar with how your car normally drives and handles, the normal smells, and the sounds your car makes when there is not a problem. You will be better prepared to identify any issues before they leave you stranded. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule maintenance, service and/or BMW auto repair in Highland Village, TX.