While luxury cars often offer a higher reliability than some domestics and imports, no vehicle is exempt from wear and tear on mechanical components. The following discussion is related to the fuel system. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

The Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is positioned between the fuel tank and the engine on both gas and diesel vehicles. Over time, the particles settle on the bottom of the vehicle’s fuel tank. The fuel filter captures them when they move through the fuel system, keeping them out of your engine. Eventually, the filter can clog and will require replacement. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that you require.

Fuel Filter Replacement

A common sign of a clogged fuel filter is a sputtering engine, and it can occur at normal highway speeds or upon acceleration. In addition, a dirty fuel filter can result in clogged and/or damaged fuel injectors. Replacing the fuel filter is the cost effective approach, considering the cost of a fuel filter is a fraction of the cost replacing a fuel injector. Replacing a fuel filter is preventative maintenance, and the recommended schedule can be found in your owner’s manual. If your vehicle requires fuel system services, contact us today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Running on Empty

If you tend to gas up the fuel tank once it issues a warning, reconsider the habit. Running your gas tank so low can have costly consequences. Most automobiles have an electric fuel pump. For many of them, it sits inside the gas tank submerged in the fuel. The fuel cools the pump and lubricates it. Without being submerged in fuel, the pump can overheat and fail. The reserve fuel in your tank prevents this from happening. Purchasing just enough fuel to get by may cause the fuel pump to fail earlier than normal. For this reason, keep at least ¼ tank of fuel.

The Fuel Pump

Without a functional fuel pump, your vehicle will not run. A breakdown and being stranded is not a situation anyone wants to be in. While a fuel pump can be functional one minute and gone the next, there are often signs of a weakening pump. Common signs include:

  • When driving on the highway the engine seems to miss, and jerking and/or sputtering may occur. It occurs due to the failure of the fuel pump to deliver fuel in a consistent manner.
  • A loss of power at highway speeds, or when accelerating, especially when climbing a hill, or towing a load. The engine may seem as though it is going to die, before accelerating normally. Acting as though it will stall when accelerating from a stop can also be a sign of a failing fuel pump.
  • Surging is the process of the vehicle accelerating for a few seconds even when the gas pedal hasn’t been depressed. It often indicates a worn fuel pump.

Eventually a failing fuel pump will cease to function at all. When this occurs, your car will turn over but not start. Most fuel pump’s buzz when you turn the ignition switch on. If you do not hear the buzz and the vehicle will not start, it may be the fuel pump. Because other problems may cause some of the same signs, professional service will be required to identify the cause. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule a diagnosis and a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Gas Tank Ventilation System

It is a little known problem, but a concerning one when you are unable to refuel your vehicle due to the gas nozzle repeatedly shutting off as though the tank is full. The cause is a clogged or faulty gas tank vent. Our skilled auto technicians can provide the  luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that  you need.


Today’s vehicles use a number of sensors for proper operation. This is also true for your fuel system. While the number of sensors will not decrease any time soon, the number of potential problems related to them can be expected to. In many vehicles, the display will alert you to a problem. Due to the complexity of today’s automobiles, diagnosis and repair typically require the expertise of a certified mechanic. You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive when you require  luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX. We have the latest equipment and diagnostic tools, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and repair for your vehicle.

Fuel injectors:

Most vehicles today have fuel injection rather than old school carburetors. A computer controls the fuel injectors, providing reduced emissions and greater fuel economy. By injecting the fuel close to the cylinder head, the fuel stays atomized providing improved combustion when ignited by the spark plug. Replacing a fuel pump can be a complicated job. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Fifth Gear Automotive is a reliable source for problems with the fuel system and all your automotive needs. You can rely on our highly trained, ASE certified mechanics for efficient and accurate diagnostics, and repair. We offer luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, along with full services for  domestic and import vehicles. Give us a call today, for automotive services you can rely on.