Mercedes Benz has always been a forerunner in introducing the latest technology. Mercedes combines new technology with the highest luxury and amenities offered by an automotive manufacturer. When you own a Mercedes, it is essential you use a professional, certified mechanic with expertise in handling the complexities associated with the latest technology, diag, and repair. You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive specialists for reliable automotive services, including maintenance, and Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX.   

The Latest Technology

Fifth Gear Automotive utilizes the latest technology for diagnostics, maintenance and Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX.  In addition, our auto technicians maintain up-to-date knowledge, including the latest upgrades for the Mercedes Benz. Our ASE certified mechanics provide first quality automotive services you can rely on. One service that is essential for any vehicle and the long term service of its engine is ensuring routine oil changes. The following explains how your vehicle’s engine benefits from routine oil changes:

  • Provides Lubrication of the engineOil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, minimizing wear., and maximizing performance. The lack of clean oil increases the incidence of wear and can cause the engine to lock up, and overheat. Providing routine oil changes can prevent the consequences of worn and dirty oil.

As the engine goes through the process of combustion, heat is generated, and motor oil will degrade. Without timely oil changes, the oil thickens, sludge and deposits occur, and the engine experiences premature wear and tear due to increased friction. Furthermore, the buildup of sludge can result in constriction of the oil passages, and even more, wear and tear on the engine. Once the engine is affected by excessive wear, repairs or a new engine may be required. The cost of an oil change is a small price for preventing a prematurely worn out engine, and the need for Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Oil Change Benefits

  • Improved Gas MileageOil changes help to improve gas mileage. Providing routine oil changes will save you even more money on preventing wear-related repairs down the road.
  • Maximizes the Engine’s LifespanRegular oil changes help to increase the engine’s lifespan. Without adequate lubrication, the engine works harder, decreasing the engine’s lifespan.

Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the professional maintenance, and Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX  your vehicle requires.

It Is More Than Just The Mileage

How often your Mercedes will require an oil change can be affected by more than the simple mileage recommendation. More frequent oil changes may be required in the following circumstances:

  1. Your driving habits include fast starts, heavy acceleration or high-speed driving
  2. You live and/or drive in an extremely hot or cold climate
  3. You commonly drive on dirt roads
  4. The engine has high mileage
  5. The engine burns oil
  6. You use the vehicle to transport heavy loads
  7. You routinely drive in stop and go traffic

Oil contains additives that neutralize acids, which may cause damage to the engine without its protection. As time passes, the additives are used up and the protection is lost. Regular oil changes ensure the continued protection from these additives. In addition, only use the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your vehicle. Check the owner’s manual for the specific type of oil for your vehicle.

You should also understand that oil holds water, dust, and the byproducts of combustion. If not routinely changed, the oil becomes saturated with the materials and protection for the engine is lost. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the maintenance services and Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX that you require.

Oil Level

It is important to routinely check the oil level. Once a week is recommended for the average driver and mileage. It is essential that an automotive engine has adequate oil, and it is just as important that it is not overfilled. Overfilling can cause just as much wear and tear on the engine as being low on oil. When adding oil, use caution not to overfill it. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide a professional oil change for you, and offers a broad range of services for Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Oil Level Warnings

Today’s automobiles feature a dash warning light or a mechanical oil pressure gauge that warns the driver when a low oil condition or an oil pressure difference occurs. In addition, some vehicles warn when it is time for an oil change, and display the ‘wear’ on the oil, such as 25%, for example. It is essential to respond immediately to a warning light or low oil pressure reading in order to prevent damage to the vehicle’s engine. Schedule Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX today.

Your vehicle should provide you with reliable service for years to come when you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules, including routine oil changes. Bring your car by to Fifth Gear Automotive for personalized customer service and superior Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX. You can rely on a Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanic, who offers advanced training, and the latest information for your vehicle. When you schedule service or Mercedes auto repair in Lantana, TX with us, you can count on a professional job done right the first time.