As a Mercedes-Benz owner, you are aware it brings prestige, luxury, and appreciate its exclusive comfort. The Mercedes is also world renown for its fine engineering, and it should come as no surprise that is the leader in safety engineering. Fifth Gear Automotive in Lewisville, TX is here to maintain and service your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle, with unparalleled automotive services. Our qualified service technicians are ASE certified, highly trained and motivated to provide the best automotive services available for your Mercedes-Benz. When you want the assurance of reliable Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive. Our commitment to excellence ensures our experienced mechanics will keep your Mercedes-Benz running and riding smooth for many years to come.

The Dealership vs. Fifth Gear Automotive

It is a common misconception that only a Mercedes-Benz dealership can service your vehicle. While your Mercedes-Benz will require specialized tools and equipment, it is not exclusive only to dealerships. It is also not mandatory for you to use a dealership. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics have the training, the state-of-the-art tools and equipment required to service your luxury car. Every year, new models are released featuring new technology, new features, and advanced engineering. This is why continuing education is a requirement  for effective maintenance and Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX. The skills and training of your mechanic is a decisive factor in your vehicle’s reliability and safety, and you can count on receiving  both at Fifth Gear Automotive.

Why Choose Us

At Fifth Gear Automotive, we are dedicated to providing professional automotive services and superior customer service.  Whether your car needs an oil change, brake service, transmission or engine service, or any of our extensive repair and maintenance services, we provide honest, first quality services in a timely manner.

Mercedes Maintenance

Observing the recommended routine maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz benefits both you and your car. Your car will continue to perform smoothly, reliably, and safely, while you will experience less breakdowns. Our ASE certified mechanics are highly trained, and can provide a comprehensive inspection for your car. Furthermore, we use the latest technology for automotive diagnostics. This helps to ensure a timely and accurate diagnosis, and the exceptional repair you need the first time. As a result, you can experience less down time, as routine maintenance can prevent most major breakdowns. Our professional mechanics will ensure you are back on the road again quickly. We provide premium care, without the premium price. In addition, we provide an inspection with every automotive service.

Mercedes Electric Vehicles (EV)

With Mercedes-Benz producing a plug-in hybrid variant, eventually owners will need either a new battery, or battery conditioning. Fifth Gear Automotive certified technicians can provide the professional battery conditioning that you need. Best of all, your battery can be conditioned as many times as is necessary. We also can provide the service for all makes of EV and hybrid vehicles. Conditioning a battery restores vehicle performance for just a fraction of a new battery’s cost. Contact us today to schedule battery conditioning,  Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX or other automotive services.

Winter Tips

With winters colder temperatures, it is time to consider the following if you skipped them last fall:

  • Inspect and change the wiper blades if necessary. Using wipers that freeze to the glass can result in damage to the wiper blades. Its best to wait for the windshield to defrost before using the wipers.
  • Keep the windshield washer fluid full with liquid manufactured for cold winter weather. Using a higher temperature washer fluid can result in burst supply lines and/or damage to the washer fluid reservoir.
  • Change the cabin air filter once a year. Our mechanics will be glad to provide this service for you. Give us a call today to schedule Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX.
  • Check the tire air pressure before driving, preferably every two weeks. It is especially important when temperatures fluctuate. Improper inflation results in premature wear on the tires. Check the tread wear. Worn tires, as well as under-inflated tires have less traction requiring longer distances to stop.
  • Do not skip routine oil changes, it is especially important during the winter when oil thickens with colder weather. We can provide your car with exceptional service, maintenance and Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX.
  • If your car is difficult to start, have it checked. Purchase a battery with the cranking amps the manufacturer recommends to accommodate winter use.
  • Have the brakes inspected if you have not already. Slick roads coupled with worn brakes are a dangerous combination. We can provide the reliable Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX you require.
  • If the heater and defroster do not seem to be as efficient as they once were, schedule service with Fifth Gear Automotive. Our mechanics can identify the problem and provide the necessary Mercedes Auto Repair in Double Oak, TX.
  • Allow the car time to warm up before driving when possible. Cold fluids typically do not provide top lubrication.

You can rely on our professional ASE certified mechanics to provide the highest quality of professional automotive services for your vehicle. Whether you need Mercedes auto repair in Double Oak, TX, or repair of other luxury, domestic or import vehicles’, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule the services you need.