Mercedes Benz is a German auto company known for manufacturing consumer luxury and commercial vehicles. In 2018, this company sold over 2.3 million passenger cars to become the world’s largest premium brand. Despite their incredible reputation for dependability, drivers must always pay attention to the proper functioning of the Mercedes to avoid breakdowns and disappointment. To maintain your Mercedes Benz, you must make sure all parts that contribute to its movement are working well, and one of these parts is the timing belt.

A timing belt is made of high-quality rubber material alongside tough threads that make it firm. This belt is an internal engine component that helps rotate the camshaft as well as the crankshaft together at the same time. The timing belt has “teeth” that help to grip the gears. It is attached to an array of pulleys that goes into the engine camshaft and crankshaft to produce strokes in the combustion chamber.

Signs of a Failing Timing Belt

The following signs will inform you that your timing belt is failing or not working properly as it should.

  • Ticking noise or misfire: When you hear a ticking sound that comes from the car’s engine, it could be a sign that your timing belt is at death’s door. The timing belt is attached to a series of pulleys that wind the camshaft as well as the crankshaft. A worn out timing belt may become inconsistent in pulling these gears. This can lead to improper function of the car engine, as the cylinder head valves as well as the rocker arm assembly may not be operating properly. When the timing belt fails, it may produce this noise. However, low oil pressure may also produce some sounds, too, so it’s best to have this checked out by our Mercedes specialists.
  • Starting or turnover difficulty: When you start your car, but it has difficulty turning over, it could be an indication of a broken timing belt or a slacked timing belt. When the timing belt is broken, the car will not start at all. If the case is that some of the teeth are broken, you may hear the sound of the kick starter pulling the engine, but the engine will not start. The timing belt can equally break while the car is in motion. This is not good for the car as it can lead to damage to other components as the belt whips around under the hood. It could affect rods, valves, or cylinder heads.
  • Inconsistent rev count: The rev gauge of your Mercedes shows the revolution per minute of the stroke. If you notice your rev gauge is moving up and down inconsistently, then it means something is wrong with the timing belt. This could be a result of a snap or a broken tooth on the belt, making it miss its usual arrangement and lining.
  • Oil may leak closer to the motor: A pulley attached to the vehicle often helps in rotating other moveable parts within the engine. If a break occurs in the timing belt, it can create a passage for oil near the motor. If the case is the belt cover is broken, the oil may equally leak out. However, the oil may also leak out when the engine gasket wears out.
  • Smoke or exhaust issues: If you experience unusual smoking in your car exhaust, then it means that something is not functioning properly. The exhaust of your car is supposed to expel burned gases after combustion has taken place in the engine. When your car engine begins to expel more smoke than usual, it means there is a lot of pressure on the car engine. This pressure could be a result of your timing belt not functioning well. In an attempt for the engine to keep the combustion of gasses constant, it forces heavy gasses out of the combustion chamber.

We Will Fix Your Mercedes Timing Belt

Timing belt problems can cause your Mercedes Mercedes Timing Belt Replacement not to start at all, but at Fifth Gear Automotive, we can take care of the problems, such as a broken timing belt. We are always ready to help you restore your Mercedes to like-new condition so you can enjoy your drive. We proudly service clients in and around Lewisville, Argyle, and Mckinney, TX so visit us now for on-demand service of problems and for routine maintenance to keep your Mercedes running smoothly for years!