It’s often the cost of replacing the battery pack on a hybrid vehicle that turns potential buyers away. In fact, most manufacturers guarantee the battery packs for the life of the vehicle, typically 80,000 to 100,000 miles, or 8 to10 years. This means if a problem occurs during the warranty period, the hybrid manufacturer will replace the battery at no charge. Some hybrid owners even receive longer service from their vehicles, and routine maintenance is one of the reasons why they do. Fortunately, there is an alternative to purchasing new battery packs for your hybrid vehicle. You can save thousands with hybrid battery conditioning. Fifth Gear Automotive is trained and certified in hybrid battery conditioning. Call today or bring your vehicle by for import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX.

conditioning the battery pack is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. Once conditioned, your vehicle will experience like new performance again and economy. It’s a service not  readily available in all locations. Fifth Gear Automotive has been certified and highly trained to condition your batteries in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Signs of a Failing Battery Pack

Hybrid batteries are manufactured to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Unfortunately,  it doesn’t always work out that way. The signs of a failing battery pack include:

  • Low energy levels with reduced power, slow acceleration and difficulty getting over hills
  • A decline in torque
  • The rapid loss of battery power
  • Reduced performance
  • Poor gas mileage in hybrids
  • The vehicle relies heavily on the gasoline engine

Hybrid battery conditioning will keep your car in the green performance zone, and is an economical solution. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive hybrid battery specialists for battery conditioning today, or other import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX.

Tips To Improve Hybrid Efficiency

With improved driving habits, you can increase your hybrid’s efficiency. Accelerating the hybrid gradually will ensure electric motor use only, and you will see its efficiency , improve, potentially beyond the EPA mileage estimates. You will find this especially true in city driving, when the electric motor is used. These tips will also improve the efficiency of all vehicles. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive for import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX.

Battery Conditioning Defined

Hybrid batteries are constructed of a number of modules, and one or more of these modules are typically at fault when a problem occurs,. A power and energy test is performed by connecting specialized equipment to the battery. The Power Test analyzes the battery pack’s power capability, and how quickly and effectively the modules inside the battery pack can transfer electrical energy in a controlled load test. This data is analyzed and diagnostics provided. Fifth Gear Automotive offers certified hybrid battery specialists for conditioning your hybrid’s battery, and reliable import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX.

The Energy Test

The Energy test determines the capacity of each battery module by placing them under a controlled load.  When the test concludes the results are analyzed, and failed modules are replaced. The test can identify weak cells, the amount of torque that can be produced for propulsion, how long the vehicle will be able to operate in electric mode only, and other information. The battery modules are cycled by completely discharging and restoring to full capacity. The process is repeated two or more times before the battery is conditioned. When complete, the power and energy of the modules is increased. The energy capacity directly affects fuel economy and acceleration performance.

The Power Test

The Power Test analyzes the battery pack’s health and its power capability. The data is analyzed and diagnostics provided.

The Lifespan of a Conditioned Battery

When conditioning is provided by a qualified hybrid battery specialist, the battery pack can extend the battery pack lifespan and provide reliable performance for years. In addition, the battery pack can typically be conditioned numerous times without adversely affecting performance and fuel economy. Fifth Gear Automotive offers conditioning by our certified hybrid battery technicians. In addition, we offer a wide range of import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX. 

The following factors may affect the lifespan of a conditioned battery:

  • High outdoor temperatures, elevation and the amount the vehicle is used.
  • Pushing the battery into an extreme discharge state.
  • Improper service by an unqualified technician.
  • The degree of electrolyte leakage.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Warnings

Poor vehicle performance and fuel economy are a warning of an under performing battery pack. The MIL is only triggered when serious issues and battery failure is at hand. Furthermore, batteries that have triggered a MIL warning may not be salvageable with conditioning. Being aware of the signs enables you to recognize when battery conditioning is required before catastrophic failure occurs.  Your ability to do so will increase the chances the battery can be conditioned. Routine maintenance and inspection can help to avoid these problems.

Poor performance and fuel economy in a hybrid vehicle is a classic warning of a developing problem with the battery pack. It’s essential to schedule hybrid battery conditioning  prior to a MIL warning. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule conditioning of your vehicle’s hybrid battery pack, or other import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX. You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive for quality automotive services and import car auto repair in Highland, Village, TX. In addition, we offer superior services you can rely on for domestic and luxury automobiles.