Transmission fluid provides the necessary action of cooling the transmission, cleaning and lubricating the internal components. The recommended changing of the transmissions fluid and filter varies by manufacturer and even by vehicle. It is a maintenance procedure often overlooked, and one that should be rigidly adhered to for the longest possible service life of the transmission. When you need maintenance or luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, schedule automotive services with Fifth Gear Automotive.

As with any other automotive fluid, transmission fluid will deteriorate over time. Frequent stop-and-go driving, fast driving, hauling heavy loads, and trailer towing will accelerate the deterioration. That is because hard driving such as these conditions, raises the operating temperature of the transmission. Excessive heat causes more strain on the transmission, and accelerates the deterioration of the transmission fluid.

In addition, if you drive under any of these high stress conditions, you should check the transmission fluid level more frequently and ask your mechanic to check the condition of the fluid during annual maintenance. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended fluid change frequency for heavy use driving. More frequent transmission fluid changes may be recommended for heavy use. Transmission fluid tends to turn darker as it deteriorates. Brown or black coloring indicates it needs changing. You may also note a burned odor to the fluid, this may indicate it needs to be changed or that the transmission may be developing a problem. Have a mechanic inspect your fluid and provide any necessary maintenance or luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

It is also vital that the recommended type of transmission fluid is used in your vehicle’s transmission. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended fluid and never substitute a different kind.

Transmissions are manufactured of steel or aluminum. Aluminum is a softer metal than steel, and as a consequence are more vulnerable to abrasive materials. Extra consideration is required in its care, and in general it is recommended to leave maintenance to a ASE certified mechanic. Fifth Gear Automotive provides services you can rely on, including full maintenance services and luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Professional transmission maintenance includes an inspection of the fluid and contaminants, which may indicate excessive wear of the transmission. The mechanic will drain the transmission fluid, replace the filter, and add the proper transmission fluid to the recommended level. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the transmission maintenance, and luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that your vehicle requires.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Service and/or Repair

  • Unusual noises, including grinding sounds coming from the transmission,
  • Difficulty shifting gears, including a grinding noise when you try to shift.
  • Slippage when shifting gears
  • Unexplained surging of the vehicle
  • Delay in movement after placing the vehicle in gear

Whether your vehicle features an automatic or manual transmission, clean transmission fluid will flow easily throughout the transmission. Transmission fluid that requires changing can contain dirt and sludge, and may cause delayed responses in the transmission or even the changing of gears too quickly with the automatic transmission. With manual transmissions, it may be difficult to change gears at all when the fluid requires changing. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the maintenance and luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that your vehicle requires.

Gear Slippage

Dirty transmission fluid can cause a loss of hydraulic power, causing similar problems that low transmission fluid would cause. If the transmission has no other problems, and the fluid level is full, gear slippage may be due to contaminated transmission fluid restricting the flow. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that your vehicle needs.


Contaminated transmission fluid and the need for its change may cause surging of the vehicle, where it surges forward or lags when you accelerate. This is due to dirt and sludge in the transmission caused by dirty fluid.

Tips for Owners’

Remember to check the transmission fluid level routinely on transmission where it is possible. Some of the newer vehicles lack a transmission dipstick, and can only be checked by a certified mechanic with the necessary equipment. In addition, a fluid change with a new transmission filter can facilitate the proper operation of a transmission with deteriorated fluid and a clogged filter. However, it will not correct transmission problems such as mechanical issues that will require luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX . The best way to maintain proper transmission function is ensuring it receives the recommended transmission fluid and filter change.

Being aware of when a transmission fluid and filter change is due, and scheduling service will save you money. Missed transmission service and result in the need for luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics today to schedule the automotive service you require. You can rely on us to provide professional and reliable services, honesty and integrity and superior customer service.