The automotive cooling system is a source of common problems when routine maintenance is not provided. A higher than normal temperature and coolant pooling beneath your vehicle are warning signs that repair of the cooling system is needed. It is a system you should never ignore, as doing so can result in engine damage, such as warped aluminum heads, blown head gaskets, or a cracked block, for example. If your vehicle is experiencing overheating, the leakage of coolant, or needs maintenance, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends the changing of coolant according to a specific schedule. You should keep a check for coolant beneath your car, inspect the radiator and heater hoses, belt condition and check the radiator fluid level periodically. However, never attempt to remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Severe burns can occur if you do.

Other components that will eventually wear out and require replacing include the water pump, fan motor, thermostat, and while not as common, the radiator. It is a lot to keep up with, and annual maintenance in a professional garage can help to ensure a coolant leak does not leave you stranded. Fifth Gear Automotive offers the automotive services you need, and the professionalism and quality you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

When Fifth Gear Automotive provides your annual automotive maintenance, our ASE certified mechanics will provide an inspection of your vehicle, with the following inspection related to the cooling system:

  • Check the coolant fluid level and inspect its quality. It requires replacing on a routine basis, otherwise it becomes acidic and can damage the cooling system. Without the proper and clean coolant, your engine can overheat in the summer, or freeze during the winter.
  • Our mechanics will inspect all your vehicle’s belts. In the cooling system, belts operate the water pump and radiator fan. When worn belts fail, the engine can overheat.
  • Inspection of the radiator fan ensures its proper operation. Unusual fan noise may be due to wear and require replacement. Without the fan operating, the engine can quickly overheat.
  • A thermostat can stick in either the closed or open position. In the closed position the engine will overheat, in the open position the engine will be over-cooled. An over cool engine does not run efficiently and you will not receive heat in the passenger compartment.
  • The inspection of the radiator is to ensure it is clean, undamaged and capable of cooling the vehicle. When the radiator is clogged, we can provide a radiator flush to avoid overheating. In addition, an excessive amount of bent radiator ‘fins’ can cause the engine to overheat. Our mechanics can correct the problem for you with auto repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • The hoses, both upper, lower and heater hoses are inspected for signs of wear, damage and deterioration. Soft hoses are a sign that it is time to replace them.
  • The water pump is responsible for pumping coolant throughout the system. As it wears you may notice noise, or you may notice fluid under your vehicle. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule auto repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • The heater core is a small component of the cooling system, typically located in the passenger cabin compartment. It provides heat for you and your passengers. The signs of a bad heater core include foggy interior windows, leaks on the carpet, the odor of coolant, and potentially a lack of heat. Changing out a leaking heater core is typically a job for the pros. Contact us today to schedule auto repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • The pressure cap is the radiator cap. Over time the seals can deteriorate, allowing small amounts of coolant to leak and/or evaporate. Replacement of a leaking cap will ensure proper operation of your engine. Not all vehicles have a removable pressure cap. In these vehicles coolant is added in the overflow tank. Never remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot due to high pressure, and the risk of severe scalding.
  • The radiator overflow tank collects the heat expanded coolant and recycles it back into the coolant system once it loses adequate heat. The radiator overflow tank works in conjunction with the radiator cap to protect the engine and prevent the loss of coolant due to overflow. A leaking overflow tank will lead to low coolant levels in your vehicle. We can provide the auto repair in Highland Village, TX that you require.

The inspection of the cooling system includes checking for leaks involving the water pump, hoses, radiator, radiator cap, and engine. Call Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Understanding the Purpose of Coolant

Coolant/antifreeze serves several purposes. It prevents freezing of the engine in the winter, cooling of the engine during the summer, it also prevents corrosion inside the engine and radiator.

Plain water can boil in the engine, and the coolant prevents boiling from occurring. Maintaining routine coolant changes will prevent repairs due to overheating and corrosion.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers the automotive services you require for your vehicle. Our mechanics are ASE certified and experienced, ensuring you receive the highest quality auto repair in Highland Village, TX available. Whether you have problems with your car’s cooling system, or need other repair or services, you can rely on us for quality, honesty and great customer service.