Fifth Gear Automotive provides the high levels of quality and professionalism you need and expects for your automobile. We employ highly trained and professionally certified mechanics with the experience you can rely on. We offer exceptional automotive services for domestics, imports, and luxury cars. Our broad experience includes exceptional European car auto repair in Lantana, TX. Our ASE certified mechanics are experts in diagnostics and repair. We think our mechanics are the best, because they are passionate about automobiles, and everyone knows, a specialist with passion is always a cut above the rest.

We believe a successful business builds long term relationships with each customer based on integrity, reliability, exceptional service, superior customer service. Our comprehensive diagnostic procedures ensure an accurate diagnosis of the problem. This ensures the right repair the first time and prevents the replacement of unnecessary parts. For European car auto repair in Lantana, TX choosing a reputable repair shop over the dealership can save you money and time. Fifth Gear Automotive employs skilled, ASE certified mechanics who possess extensive experience in European auto repair and service. By providing the latest diagnostic equipment, skilled, certified and experienced mechanics, and ongoing seminars for automotive updates, we are able to offer top quality European car auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Why Choose Fifth Gear Automotive

Some of the benefits of using Fifth Gear Automotive include lower costs than a dealership, less waiting time, and friendly, personalized service. Our certified mechanics are experts in diagnostics and repair, including European car auto repair in Lantana, TX. With the latest comprehensive computer diagnostics, we are able to pinpoint the cause of automotive problems. With our consistently updated, specialized and brand-specific diagnostic equipment, we can provide information about malfunctioning systems.

Accurate diagnostics mean accurate repairs and lower costs.  The benefits of this can be seen by those who have replaced one component after another before the malfunctioning part was revealed. Modern diagnostic equipment has all but stopped this once common practice. Today more than ever, automotive systems are computer connected, requiring the knowledge and equipment to diagnose the issue and to provide the required European car auto repair in Lantana, TX.  The days of paying for parts your vehicle did not need are diminishing with each upgrade, and you can rely on us for mechanics with the latest knowledge.

In addition, our mechanics bring experience and expertise to each repair, a factor not found in all shops. Fifth Gear Automotive employs ASE certified mechanics. The certification means our mechanics have demonstrated skills, experience, knowledge, and training beyond the average automotive technician.  The expertise of our mechanics means you save money by avoiding unnecessary repairs due to an incomplete or incorrect diagnosis.

Special Diagnostic Equipment

Today’s automobiles are both increasingly reliable and complicated.  With each upgrade in technology, there is less maintenance and repair the average auto owner can provide. Requiring specialized diagnostic equipment, specialized tools, and both the knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing technology, the importance of using a reliable and skilled mechanic is more important than ever.   Contact Fifth Gear Automotive, we can provide the reliability, quality, and integrity you require for your European car auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Along with the often inter-related technology comes heightened importance for the manufacturer recommended maintenance to be adhered to. For example, modern automobiles can alert you to more problems than ever before. However, a failing component continues to need a qualified mechanic to take care of the problem. Ignoring a warning light can result in damage to one or more components of the system.

Does This Need to be Done Today?

When you call a garage or a dealership about a warning light that flashes or stays lit, most people want to know if there is an immediate need for repair or if it can wait. A  faulty low tire pressure indicator is a good example of a task that can wait, as long as you check the tires and ensure one is not actually low.  Some repairs can wait, while others are causing damage while you delay the repair. For example, low oil pressure or brake indicator warning should not be ignored, and require prompt European car auto repair in Highland Village, TX. In some situations, it is true only diagnostic testing can reveal if the need for repair is immediate or can wait. Not all warning lights differentiate between immediate need or the ability to wait a few days, but some do. Feel free to contact Fifth Gear Automotive if you have concerns, we will be glad to answer your questions. You can rely on us to provide you with an honest answer.

Our business is built on providing the best service available, and ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer. We work hard to earn your trust, and we recognize your recommendation is the best advertisement available. The next time your vehicle needs an oil change or other maintenance, service or European car auto repair in Lantana, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule service or bring your car in for automotive services you can trust.