Providing your vehicle’s engine with routine car engine tune-ups maintains the vehicles power and efficiency. Fifth Gear mechanics in Lewisville, TX will provide the installation of spark plugs, as recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance and reliability. The spark plugs are a component few drivers ever consider, and providing a tune-up assists in ensuring the long-term performance, and efficiency of your car.

Fresh spark plugs ensure the engine starts easier, reducing wear on the starter, it runs smoother and is more fuel-efficient. In addition, a tune-up lowers emissions, improve fuel economy and restores lost power. You may be wondering how a spark plug can be responsible for these important tasks.

How Spark Plugs Work

The spark plug is located in the cylinder head of the engine, and ignites the fuel and air mixture with an electric spark. This process is called combustion, and it is responsible for starting your car, and keeping it running. Without this spark, the vehicle will not start, or run. A worn spark plug can cause starting problems, misfires, performance, and efficiency issues.

Spark plugs do not require frequent replacement, and the majority of auto manufacturers recommends new spark plugs about every 30,000 miles. However, how long spark plugs last will depend on the type of spark plug. Copper plugs have the shortest lifespan, while a higher grade may last 4 times longer. Fifth Gear’s mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide the tune-up you need for optimal performance of your engine.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

If your car is having trouble starting, the spark plugs may be malfunctioning, and this can lead to misfires and poor performance. There are numerous problems that can result in reduced fuel economy, including problems with the spark plugs.

Thirty years ago a tune-up meant new spark plugs, rotor, points, and condenser for the carbureted engine. A tune-up included an inspection of the spark plug wires, the distributor, and its cap. Today’s vehicle has a computer, sensors, and switches to handle most of this. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics in Lewisville, TX can provide the services your vehicle requires. No job is too large or small.

How Age and Wear Affect Spark Plugs

Over time, a deposit collects on spark plugs due to the combustion process, interfering with fuel ignition and performance. Furthermore, spark plugs require a specific gap for the specified vehicle. As the spark plug ages, the gap widens as a result of wear and tear, and can result in poor performance of your engine. Contact our certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX to schedule an inspection of your spark plugs, and replacement if required.

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plug replacement can be provided quickly once the engine cools, or be a complicated and time-consuming task. How long your vehicle will be in the shop for spark plug replacement, will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Fifth Gear Automotive certified mechanics in Lewisville, TX offer quality services you can rely on for your car or truck. Whether you need a car engine tune-up, or other automotive services, you can count on us for quality parts, and reliable automotive services. Do not let a fouled spark plug leave you sitting; give us a call today to schedule a tune-up by a Fifth Gear professional mechanic.