Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics provides the professional automotive services you can rely on. Routine oil changes are an important service for your vehicle’s engine. Oil provides lubrication for all the engine’s moving parts. Without proper lubrication, friction and wear can occur rapidly to the engine, significantly reducing its service life, and potentially overheating the engine. Worn out oil cannot provide the lubrication or protection the engine needs, and results in a reduced service life of the engine, and/or increased import car auto repair in Argyle, TX. Even worse, if the oil is not changed routinely, harmful sludge will accumulate in the engine. Providing a routine oil and filter change costs far less than a new or rebuilt motor would. Give us a call today to schedule an oil change, other automotive services or import car auto repair in Argyle, TX.

The Debate About Oil Change Frequency

The frequency of oil changes your vehicle requires depends on a few factors. First, the manufacturer will state its recommendation in your owner’s manual. A number of manufacturers recommend 5,000 to 7,500 miles, for example. In fact, some manufacturers, will void the warranty if you fail to provide oil changes as recommended.  The correct answer depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  • If you routinely drive 10 miles or less, the oil will not become hot enough to rid it of moisture condensation. If short jaunts sound like your driving pattern, change the oil biannually. Even if you have only driven 1,000 miles in 6 months, an oil change will be best for your car and engine. Moisture is harmful to other components, such as the exhaust system. Enjoy your vehicle, take it for a leisurely drive once or twice a week.
  • If you drive more than 20 miles a day you can probably adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change frequency.
  • Vehicles with higher mileage should receive more frequent oil changes.

More frequent oil changes are also recommended in the following situations:

  1. Starting the car and driving off without any warm up is harder on the engine and oil. In addition, if you lean toward fast acceleration or high-speed driving you should change the oil more frequently. Allowing the car a few minutes to warm up, practicing an easy take off and following speed limits will improve your gas mileage and reduce wear along with import car auto repair in Argyle, TX.
  2. If you commonly drive in an environment that is extremely hot, cold or you drive on dirt roads a lot oil changes will help to protect the engine.
  3. If the engine burns oil change it more often.
  4. If you commonly use the vehicle for hauling heavy loads or drive in hilly or mountainous areas, oil will wear faster, requiring more frequent oil changes. The heavy work of loads and hills cause the engine to work harder, and without timely oil changes, excessive wear may occur, resulting in the need for import car auto repair in Argyle, TX
  5. If you you typically drive in stop and go traffic change the oil more often.

Oil Does More Than Lubricate

Contaminates accumulate in the oil over time and include dust, water from condensation and combustion byproducts. Oil does more to protect the engine than just lubrication. It contains additives that neutralize the acids that can damage your vehicle’s engine. Over time the additives are used up and the protection they provide is lost. Routine oil changes both lubricates your car’s engine to reduce wear, and protects against the corrosive acids that can build up without timely oil changes. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide both the maintenance and import car auto repair in Argyle, TX you need. Just give us a call, we will be glad to help.

Use the Recommended Oil and Check it Often

Check your owner’s manual for the oil recommended for use in your car. For example, if the owner’s manual recommends 10W30 oil, use only this type. Furthermore, checking the oil level every week or two is important, even though your car may feature an oil warning light when the level is low.  Checking the oil yourself  is important, because some vehicles, and especially some of the older ones. Furthermore, lights can burn out and sensors may go bad. Visually inspecting the oil level assures the oil level is not low.  Heed warning lights and/or low oil pressure reading promptly to avoid engine damage. If you require import car auto repair in Argyle, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for service you can count on.

If you find yourself consistently adding oil to your vehicle, and it is not burning oil due to advanced age and/or mileage, bring your car to Fifth Gear Automotive. Our ASE certified mechanics will locate any oil leaks and provide the necessary maintenance and/or import car auto repair in Argyle, TX that you require.

Scheduling routine maintenance service is provided as recommended by the manufacturer, ensures your vehicle will last longer, and perform better. Oil changes are an important part of the maintenance for the engine, but all maintenance is important. When problems occur, ensuring timely import car auto repair in Argyle, TX can save you money. Fifth Gear Automotive offers exceptional customer service and import car auto repair in Argyle, TX. You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive for professional automotive service for your import, domestic or luxury vehicle.