Driving a car without heat is not only uncomfortable, it can affect your ability to drive safely in cold temperatures. Coolant is heated by the engine, and circulated through the vehicles cooling system. A small amount of the hot coolant is diverted to the heater core, providing heat for your car. However, the defrost function depends on the AC compressor to provide dehumidified air to dry the car’s windshield. If you have an AC problem, your defroster is going to be affected. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX that you need, ensuring your defroster can do its job.

The following are a few of the common causes for a lack of heat, and/or a failed defroster:

Air Pockets

If you have recently changed the coolant in your radiator, replaced a heater core, water pump or lower radiator hose, an air pocket in the cooling system may have formed, interfering with hot coolant reaching the heater core and providing heat. Topping off the coolant may not prevent air bubbles.

Low Coolant

Check the coolant level first. A low coolant level is a common cause for not receiving any heat. Before removing the radiator cap, inspect around it for any signs of leakage.  A leaking radiator cap can cause a lot of problems, including a failure to receive heat. To prevent scalding, only remove the radiator cap when the engine is cool. If you are adding coolant often, bring your car in to Fifth Gear Automotive. Consistently low radiator levels indicate a leak is present. Our ASE certified mechanics will locate the cause and provide the necessary repair.

Coolant leaks can be due to any number of causes. A loose hose clamp, or a deteriorated hose may be at fault. A leaking water pump, leaking radiator or a problem in the engine are more serious problems behind some leaks.

A Stuck Thermostat

A thermostat can stick in the open or closed position. In the closed position the coolant is unable to circulate, resulting in the engine temperature being excessively hot. However, when it is stuck in the open position, the engine temperature will take longer to heat up, and in the winter, it may not be able to reach a normal temperature at all. Furthermore, if a thermostat of the wrong operating temperature has been installed, problems can occur. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of your automotive service needs.

Clogged Heater Core

The antifreeze mixture in your vehicles cooling system requires a periodic engine coolant change. The failure to change it as recommended can result in problems, including a clogged heater core, resulting in a lack of heat inside the cabin. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of this for you.

Electrical Problems

If your heater fan is not blowing hard enough to warm the cabin, try different fan speeds. Check the fuse when the fan is not blowing at all. If the fuse blows again, you have an electrical problem requiring repair. Otherwise, you may need a new blower fan or other repair. Our mechanics can provide an accurate diagnosis and reliable repair.


Routinely check the condition of belts, hoses, fluid levels and provide the recommended frequency of maintenance for the cooling system. Periodic inspection and testing of the AC system is also recommended. If a developing problem is found, early intervention can save you money with timely auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX.

Auto AC Repair in Double Oak, TX

Problems with the AC is a top cause of defroster issue, and auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX provides the solution. The air conditioner condenses the moisture in the air and delivers the dry air to your windshield through the defroster. This helps to remove the moisture from the windshield. However, if there is a problem with the AC, the defroster will not function. Refrigerant leaks are a common problem in a vehicles AC system, and a frequent cause of defroster problems. Without a defroster, you are unable to remove fog, frost or ice from the windshield, posing a hazard to your safety. Other components in the AC system can fail, typically due to age. Our mechanics can provide a timely diagnosis and auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX for you.

Fifth Gear Automotive can pinpoint AC problems that can affect your defroster. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the automotive services you require. If you have an AC problem, or have a failed defroster, contact us today to schedule an auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX.

 You can rely on the integrity and expertise of our certified mechanics to provide an accurate diagnosis with reliable maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive for auto AC repair in Double Oak, TX, or other automotive services you need for your vehicle.