(Pictured left to right: Bill Bernick, Bradley Hayes, Nathan Wagner, Rick Jordan, Ty Seale, Dare Davidson)

We had an outstanding race weekend at Texas World Speedway 
at the World Racing League Yokohama Grand Prix, running all three 7-hour races and managing to get on the podium all three times! We won’t pretend it wasn’t a grind; this was a tough one, folks. Unscheduled stops and mechanical hiccups seemed to plague us most of the way through the first race. As for the second, night racing brought it’s own set of unique challenges beyond sheer fatigue. During the third race, once it finally looked like everything had fallen into place and we were running as well as we ever have, disaster struck. But we’ve got a great team, great drivers, and unshakable resolve that carried us through to the end of the weekend with three more trophies for the #87 Porsche Boxster. Special thanks to everyone involved, the WRL, and car-owner Mike Epping who wasn’t able to make it this time but was undoubtedly there in spirit.

Fifth Gear Motorsports #87 Porsche Boxster race car finishes 2nd, 1st, and 3rd, respectively in WRL endurance races this weekend.

– Concerning the as-promised race updates: –
Due to some technical difficulties over the weekend, we were unable to bring you the live race updates like we usually do. So if you did try to follow the race over on our Facebook page, we apologize for not being able to come through this time. We still have a lot of great content coming your way including photos, videos, and maybe even some in-car footage from the night race so stay tuned and we’ll get all that up very soon!

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