Last week Fifth Gear Automotive owners Rick Jordan, and Bill Bernick attended a training class at the Automotive Training Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of three days, they received Leadership Development training from a Special Forces Green Beret instructor, who taught valuable teamwork principles. We hope to use these principles to promote better leadership, and teamwork around our shop, which will result in a better customer experience. At Fifth Gear Automotive we strive to be the best at not only auto repair, but to be leaders in the auto repair industry in customer service, and relations.

While in Baltimore, Rick and Bill were able to tour some of the historic Navy ships at the inner harbor. They say the USS Constellation, a 1858 US Navy Warship that was the last sailing ship ever commissioned by the US Navy. In addition to touring the USS Constellation, they also had a chance to tour the USS Torsk, a diesel powered Submarine that was the last ship in the US Navy to sink a ship during the closing days of World War II. They were able to spend nearly 90 mintues going through many of the systems in the submarine, particularly the engine room. They finished the tour of boats with the Lightship (portable lighthouse) Chesapeake. It was built in 1930 and served as a portable lighthouse throughout the Northeast for over 40 years.

We thank all of our customers for your continued support, and we will continue to improve ourselves to serve you better!